10 Beautiful Flower Bed Landscaping Ideas

One of the easiest ways to elevate the visual appeal of your garden is to install a flower bed. This section doesn’t necessarily have to be a regular, rectangular patch — and that’s the beauty of it. There are many ways to design your flower bed no matter what type of garden you have. Here, we present some of the fantastic flower bed landscaping ideas we stumbled upon.

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#1. Winter Heath For The Winter Season

flowers that bloom in winter

Not all flowers can thrive in cold weather. Thus, you have to rely on the winter heath. This ensures that your flower bed won’t look empty throughout the winter months and well up to spring. The winter heath starts its blooming period in November and they provide a good contrast against the surrounding snow. Even if their flowers are small, this is offset by the huge number of Winter Heath flower appearing in a given area.

#2. ​Flower Bed At The Entrance

flower bed landscaping ideas

How about welcoming your guests with a lot of beautiful flowers placed in front and behind your fence gate? Some of the flowers you can grow here include snapdragons, petunias, and roses. This gives off a cheerful vibe that will brighten up the day of your visitors. Even if you have a fairly small front yard, the installation of fences will make your property seem larger than it is. Plus, these fences can help support flowers as they grow in height.

#3. Flower Bed In The Driveway

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via Andrew

A driveway isn’t exactly the most aesthetically appealing section of one’s home. Thus, you can change the landscape by having a flower bed. Not only can this hide a dull-looking driveway, but it can also become the center of attraction. For this, you’d need to have a raised area in your driveway. This area can be filled various flowers such as roses, begonias, fuschias, and red salvia. Finding the right variety of colors and arranging them will surely improve anyone’s driveway.

#4. At The Base Of A Tree

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via Tabish Zaidi

While a tree can be appealing on its own, you can add more flair to it by decorating its base. Basically, you will surround the tree base with flowering plants. Then, these flowers will be protected with large rocks all around them. The stones you use don’t have to be the same. In fact, it’s up to you how you will utilize irregularly-shaped rocks. What matters is that these stones accentuate the vibrant flowers around the tree.

#5. Flower Bed At The Side

flower bed landscaping ideas

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Apart from the front and the driveway of your property, even the side area can be improved with a flower bed. However, you must first ensure that the area is ready to be landscaped. Remove any pesky weeds that might be lingering around and apply a layer of mulch. Afterward, you can plant some hostas that will thrive even in shaded areas. You can also add in a stone edging to complete the landscape.

#6. Hollow Log Flower Bed

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via: Julie Corsi

If you’ve just cut down a tree or one was displaced due to a nasty storm, you can turn the log into a unique flower bed. Create a hollow section at the center of the log. Next, get your shovel and fill your log with gardening soil. Here, you can grow flowers including daffodils, daisies, and many varieties of phlox.

#7. Hanging Flower Bed

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via Tim Green

This is one of the more unusual ways of making a flower bed. Instead of having it rest on the ground, you will use PVC gutters to take advantage of the available vertical space. Apart from being a practical choice for homeowners with small gardens, a hanging flower bed can also serve as a cover to add a bit of privacy to one’s home.

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#8. Rock Flower Bed

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via Sara Thompson

To make this rock flower bed a reality, you would need to gather enough stones first. You likely have them right outside your property. Next, determine where you want your flower bed to be and outline the chosen area. The outline should be composed of the largest rocks that are in contact with another to be stable. After this, place as many rocks as you want to get the desired height and hold them together using a concrete mix.

#9. Recycled Tire Flower Bed

small backyard landscaping ideas

Here’s another sustainable flower bed idea. Before you throw away your old tires, you can paint them in vibrant colors and use them for your flower bed. These tires can be placed side by side or on top of each other. Also, size is no problem. What matters is that you fill them with enough potting soil and irrigate the flowers well. Also, try not to eat any of the plants you grow here since the tires might have trace chemicals that go in the soil.

#10. Stump Flower Bed

flower bed landscaping ideas

Via Alan Levine

Lastly, you can turn a tree stump into a flower bed. Instead of risking your safety or paying for professional services to get rid of the stump, you can just make it a beautiful part of your garden. Some of the best flowers you can grow on the stump include the edible golden gleam nasturtium and the purple-colored bellflowers.

Overall, a flower bed is a fantastic way to improve not only your garden but your property as a whole. Your fences and your driveway can benefit a lot from flower beds. We hope that our list inspired you to enhance the appearance of home. If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment.