4 Essential Steps To Water Your New Grass Seed

If you are confused about your new grass seed, you are not alone. Regarding grass seeds, the most common concern relates to watering new grass seed.

When you do not water enough, you may kill the spout. Otherwise, you will not have the ideal results.

Garden experts say watering new grass seeds is to similar to taking care of a baby. The process can be simple. It can be complicated because you only have one chance to germinate grass seeds.

When you ask the experts the right way to water grass seed, the advice is to simply keep them moist most of the time.

watering new grass seed

Watering is one of the most important factors to keep your new grass seeds alive and growing well. The seeds should get the right amount of moisture until the time of well establishment. Then, adequate moisture is critical for proper germination and survival of grass seeds.

Before digging into the real concern, check your gardening tools first. The sprinkler system might be the culprit behind your failed watering. And sometimes, you might miss out on the natural elements. Take into account the amount of rainfall. Finally, it comes to the watering time. The time it takes for new grass seeds to start growing depends on the climate and the type of grass you planted. It will however generally take about between 4 to 28 days for your new grass seeds to begin growing.

Here are 4 steps to ensure proper germination and a healthy growth.

Step 1: Know How Often Should You Water New Grass Seeds

The frequency to water new grass seeds is one or twice per week. It also depends on the amount of rainfall you get in your area. If you are not getting any rainfall, you need to water more often until the first few inches of the top of the soil is moist.

A few days before planting new grass seeds water the area 6 to 8 inches deep. To ensure you are working on the right depth, label a long screw driver with an 8-inch mark. Insert it into the ground. If it easily pushes down without any resistance then you have the right depth.

​During hot or dry conditions, water the new grass seeds at least two times a day. Make sure to keep at least one inch of the soil moist.

​Water every day until such time when you have mowed the new grass twice.

​After the new grass establishing, revert to your usual watering routine – only in the morning. Keep an eye on shady areas in your lawn as they might need less water.

Step 2: Decide How Long Should You Water New Grass Seeds

How long to water new grass seeds depends on your sprinkler system and the soil condition.

After planting the new grass seeds, moisten the first few inches of the soil for about 5 to 10 minutes per session (once in the morning and once in the evening). You need to keep the newly planted area moist to prevent the new seeds from drying out and dying

As they start to flourish, increase the watering time in the morning and decrease in the evening.

Step 3. The Best Time To Water New Grass Seeds

Water new grass seeds between 6 and 10 am for the morning session.

Water new grass seeds between 5 and 8 pm for the evening session.

Mornings and evenings are the best times to water new grass seeds as being the coolest times of the day. Water can be properly absorbed into the ground. When it is too hot, water will just evaporate.

Invest in a water timer for your sprinkler system so you can water your new grass seeds at the specified times. Use good rectangular sprinkle if you have a big lawn or a spot sprinkle small enough for the planted area.

If you haven’t planted the seeds, please consider the suitable season. Gardeners who live in the upper two-thirds of America should grow cool season grasses. The best season is fall, especially August, which encourages strong growth. However, if you pass autumn, don’t worry as spring is also a great time. The warm ground and the cool days won’t dry out the new seeds.

​Moving to the southern part of America with warm season grasses, the growing season is different. Mid-spring to summer offer warmer ground and plenty of sunlight for your lawn.

Step 4. How Much To Water Your New Grass Seeds​

Refer to this guide on how much water new grass seeds needs:​

  • 2 to 3 days before planting: 6 inches to 8 inches deep once a day.
  • Immediately after planting: 3 inches to 4 inches deep once a day.
  • Up to the time seeds start top sprout: 1 inch to 2 inches deep two times daily.
  • Established Lawns (after the grass seeds sprout): 1 inch deep and in the mornings only between 6am to 10 am.

A beautiful and healthy lawn is not only a relaxing sight. It is also a great place for you and your family to enjoy, relax and play. A consistent and properly planned watering schedule will ensure a healthy lawn.

Have you tried watering new grass seeds yourself? Share with us some of your thoughts in the comments section.​

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watering new grass seed