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How Long Can You Store Grass Seed

We’re going to talk about a question that I get so often that I probably get it on a weekly basis. So I figured why not do blog entry on it. So hopefully, this on my short, is going to apply to you and this is how to store unused extra seed a lot of […]

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bahia grass

How To Get Rid Of Bahia Grass

Bahia grass, also called highway grass, is often used for turf grass or forage and can easily infiltrate your lawn garden or landscape plot as an undesirable weed. Bahia grass is easily identifiable by its characteristic: y-shaped seed head and is  present only in warmer climates. Although it will take time and persistence to remove […]

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wild strawberry

Do Strawberries Grow On Trees?

Strawberries are easy to recognize, but there are many misconceptions about how they exactly grow. Do strawberries grow on trees, bushes, or vines? This guide attempts to clarify the identity of the strawberry plant to help gardeners know what to expect. Do Strawberries Grow on Trees? There are several fruits that grow on trees: oranges, […]

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Is Mushroom Compost Good For Tomatoes?

Tomato growers often look for the best ways to improve plant growth — so is mushroom compost good for tomatoes? It’s known that compost generally improves soil health, but there’s a good reason why this particular form is ideal. What is Mushroom Compost? The common misconception about using mushroom compost is that you need actual […]

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Blueberries bush

Spot Bugs That Look Like Blueberries

Have you ever seen a bug that resembled something entirely different? It’s easy to identify the common small creatures in your garden — there are the ladybird beetles and the bumblebees. But what about the bugs that look like blueberries? The Viral Bug Video Back in August 2017, the Internet became temporarily fixated on several […]

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What To Plant After Potatoes

Should you switch to a different crop after growing potatoes? The answer is a resounding yes, but knowing exactly what to plant after potatoes can be difficult — so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to identify the best options for you. Determining what to grow after potatoes is easy if you know about potato crop […]

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How To Prune Bougainvillea To The Perfect Shape

Bougainvillea grows in warm environments, constantly producing brightly colored flowers and evergreen leaves. What container they are put in, or none at all, and how they are pruned will affect the final look. They can be trained to be hedges, bushes, trees, climbing vines, bonsai, and trailing vines over the side of a hanging basket. […]

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How To Grow Hibiscus In Frost Prone Areas

The huge petals and prominent stamens of the hibiscus have been a favorite flower for artists to paint for years. And most gardeners know that it only grows in areas where there are no frosts, let alone snow. So how can gardeners grow the hibiscus if they live in a frosty climate? They can do […]

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chives in fall garden

Chives in the Fall Garden – Dig, Divide, and Conquer

Fall is a prime season to divide, conquer, and relocate perennials like chives, which tend to form dense clusters restricting root growth. Many herbs benefit from spring division but common chives, Allium schoenoprasum, and garlic chives, A. tuberosum, are champions of cool weather as long as their roots have space to grow. Well-rooted chives are […]

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hoop house gardening in winter

How To Grow Vegetables In The Winter

Keep active in the winter and eat better with your very own winter harvest! There are many reasons to plant a winter garden- fresh inexpensive produce, the joy of seeing plants grow in the winter months, and having a hobby to keep you mentally and physically fit. Most people can grow vegetables in the winter. […]

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How To Rebloom An Amaryllis Bulb

Would you like to keep your amaryllis so it can bloom again next year? Follow these simple care instructions to keep your amaryllis bulb healthy and flowering every year. Your amaryllis has bloomed and now you want to try to keep it and make it rebloom next year. First, understand that bulbs, including amaryllis (Hippeastrum) […]

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Hippeastrum flowers

How To Grow Exotic Hippeastrum Bulbs Year After Year

Often commonly, but incorrectly known as Amaryllis, Hippeastrum bulbs are simplicity itself to grow and easy to bring back into flower for many years. The tender South American hippeastrums grown as winter/spring flowering pot plants should not be confused with the hardy South African amaryllis, correctly called Amaryllis belladonna, which flowers outdoors in the autumn […]

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cana plant

How To Dig And Store Canna Roots

Save your cannas for replanting next spring! In fall, canna rhizomes or roots are dug up after frost and stored for the winter. Learn how to dig and store canna roots. In USDA winter hardiness zone 6 or colder, you must dig up your canna plants each fall and store them indoors if you want […]

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How To Plant Fall Bulbs

Planting fall bulbs add beautiful spring flowers to your garden. Easy to plant and maintain, bulbs take your spring garden from so-so to spectacular. For a dramatic start to next year’s garden, add bulb planting to your fall garden checklist. Fall bulbs (named for their planting time, not their bloom period) are often the earliest […]

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growing peas

All Information About Growing and Caring Peas

Freshly grown peas taste so much better than tinned or frozen peas, and it is well worth the effort of growing your own. Before buying seed for sowing peas, Pisum sativum, kitchen gardeners need to decide upon their preferred timing for planting, caring, harvesting peas and a strategy for successive sowing. Peas take twelve to […]

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growing strawberries in containers indoors

How To Grow Strawberries Indoors In Containers

Delicious and pesticides-free strawberries can be grown indoors. Learn how compact fluorescent light & organic potting soil can be used to grow strawberries. Strawberry is a perennial plant from the rose family (Rosaceae). The strawberries produce nutrient-rich and delicious fruits, noted for their high contents of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and foliate. They also contain […]

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How To Harvest Pea Shoots

My favorite part of gardening is growing food that is hard—if not impossible—to find at grocery stores. Pea shoots fall firmly into this category (unless you are lucky enough to live by a great Asian market). The shoots, which are the tips of the pea vines, make the most fantastic salad green. They look like […]

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How to grow spider plants in water

How to Grow Spider Plants in Water

Spider plants are an excellent indoor house plant, and by growing baby spider plants in water you can increase your numbers of them, easily and cheaply. Research carried out by NASA found that after 24 hours, spider plants had removed a very large percentage of both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide from the air in […]

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Prunella Vulgaris – How To Grow In The Shade Garden

The perennial plant, Prunella vulgaris, or self-heal, is both a weed and wildflower. But it really wants to be the perfect groundcover for shady woodlands Shade gardens give many challenges to the gardener. Areas, where little sunlight shines, can seem bare and dark. The answer is to choose perennial plants that thrive in shade and […]

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How To Create A Butterfly Garden

Almost any space can become a butterfly garden. You can achieve this in two ways – attract butterflies with flowers they love or provide food for caterpillars Most butterfly gardens create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while providing educational benefits for adults and children. Visitors can learn to identify wild and domestic flowering plants that […]

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Butterfly pea flowers

Butterfly Pea – How to Grow for The Native Wildlife Garden

Centrosema virginianum and Clitoria mariana are North American native perennial herbaceous leguminous vines with potential for the wildlife garden. When plants have the same common name, they are often very dissimilar. Such is not the case with two butterfly peas, Centrosema virginianum, the spurred or climbing butterfly pea and its close cousin, Clitoria mariana, the […]

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How To Plan And Plant Your Vertical Garden

Planning your Vertical Garden is different from planning a traditional garden, but shouldn’t be done with any less care. Step One: Consider the location of your Vertical Garden Ideally, vegetable plants in your Vertical Garden should get at least six hours of sustained sunlight a day. Pick a spot that will allow for maximum sun […]

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5 Best Plants For Beautiful Hanging Baskets

Do you struggle every year to decide what plants to use in your hanging baskets? We’ve compiled a convenient guide to answer all of your pressing questions. Whether you need to know how to plant in your baskets or just want some guidance on the best flowers and how to care for them, we have […]

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Attract Birds With Hanging Baskets

Themed gardens are a popular among gardeners. While there are a variety of themes for a flower garden, one of the most common is a garden to attract birds. A hanging basket garden designed to do so will allow you an up-close and personal look at your feathered friends while keeping your garden chores manageable. […]

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How to grow vegetable

How To Grow Vegetables From Seeds

Next time you’re buying your vegetable seedlings at a garden supply store, take a look at the cost of seeds. You’ll probably notice they’re a lot cheaper than your seedlings Not only is growing vegetables from seeds cheaper, it’s also more rewarding. You can see your work start from scratch. While it may seem like […]

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pond maintenance

How To Maintain A Backyard Pond

Backyard ponds are for the enjoyment of you, your family and guests, such as birds, butterflies, frogs, and neighbors, but you will want to put out the “Unwelcome” mat to troublesome guests such as algae. While a little algae is needed for a healthy pond, if given half a chance, it will take over. Sometimes […]

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how to attract butterflies for garden

How To Attract Butterflies To Your Yard Or Garden

About a half-century ago Reginald Farrar discovered the butterfly bush or buddleia in Kansu, China. Every June this delightful shrub becomes a purple waterfall of fragrant flowers. Prune immediately after flowering or by picking the blossom sprays for the house. Plant in a rich, well-drained soil, and sunny location. While the blooms open in profusion […]

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Birdscaping Garden

7 Steps To Birdscaping Your Garden

Habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation due to human activity is the leading cause of bird population declines. Birdscaping your garden will create an oasis in a desert of development. My favorite author, Doug Tallamy (Bringing Nature Home) puts the importance of your birdscaped garden this way: Now, for the first time in its history, gardening […]

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Yellowjacket hover fly

Good News Bee

So there I was, sitting on the front steps, chin in hand, contemplating the garden. It’s in a bit of a state at the moment, as it often is in August, as things parch and flop and mildew, and I have hit that point of the gardening year where I am eyeing various plants and […]

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An ode to Autumn

‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. That first line from Keats’ poem never fails to evoke the very essence of autumn for me. Cool dampness and ripened fullness on the point of turning to decay. Days shortening, vitality withdrawing back to the earth, sunlight stored in the fullness of roots and fruits to give energy […]

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lasagna gardening

Lasagna Gardening: How To Make A Lasagna Garden

“Lasagna gardening? But lasagna doesn’t grow in the garden!” So what is lasagna gardening, and how do you do it to get the best from your garden? Lasagna gardening is a method that suits organic gardens very well, because it gives the garden a natural feeling and rich, loose soil that is perfect for growing […]

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starting seeds indoors

How And When To Start Your Seeds Indoors!

First you have to purchase the seeds. As I mentioned in The Garden Catalog, There’s Hope For Spring! don’t go overboard when you buy seeds. Learn from my mistakes! Decide what you plan to do with your Veggies. You might want to can or freeze some of them. You just might want some to eat. […]

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fertilizer for tomatoes

Fertilizer For Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most commonly used vegetable by almost all the countries and all the people of the world. We can find tomatoes in plenty because they are easy to produce with the help of available fertilizer for tomatoes. Once the seed is thriving then it is necessary to keep a watchful eye on the […]

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How to prun tomato plants

How To Prune Tomato Plants

Pruning is not totally necessary. However, if you want taller, stronger, plants and huge fruits you will need to prune excess vines that start to form where the leaf meets the main stem. Pruning tomato plants is a very important part of your tomato growing experience. It is something that must be done carefully. Pruning […]

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Growing tomatoes from seeds

Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

Tomato is an integral part of your grocery list. Not only can it be eaten raw, it also serves as a key ingredient in plenty of salads, dishes, sauces and even drinks. Rich in a potent antioxidant (lycopene), Vitamin C and Vitamin A among other nutrients, it has been proved to be particularly beneficial to […]

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Shade Garden

Growing A Beautiful Shade Garden

The following are a few guiding principles that you can abide by in order to grow a garden that flourishes in the partial or full shade. Choose The Right Type Of Shade You can choose from a variety of shades depending on what type of plants you want to grow. One of the basic things […]

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Dealing with a Powdery Mildew Problem

Dealing With A Powdery Mildew Problem

The Powdery mildew problem can be found on many garden plants. It is easy to spot, the whitish powder like covering spreads all over the leaves of the plant. It blocks the sunlight available to the leaves and can prevent the photosynthesis process from working efficiently. Resulting in the plant struggling to survive. Powdery mildew […]

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Gardening Tasks and Projects for April

Gardening Tasks And Projects For April

There’s always something to do in one’s garden, and April is no exception to this. It’s already the middle of spring and summer is about to arrive. So, what should you be prioritizing at this time of the year? Check out our comprehensive guide about gardening tasks and projects for April.

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Garden Path Ideas

12 Amazing Garden Path Ideas To Consider

Apart from growing beautiful shrubs and trees all over your property, it would be best if you also paid great attention to your garden path. If you design this well, people will be more than willing to explore your garden. There are many forms a path can take, and we’ve prepared some amazing garden path ideas for you.

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Practicing Crop Rotation with Tomatoes

Practicing Crop Rotation With Tomatoes

For any vegetable gardener, practicing crop rotation is a must. Crop rotation helps optimize the nutrients in your soil, resulting in healthier, happier, more delicious veggies.In this article, we’ll look at the general rules of crop rotation, and then offer a few suggestions on what to plant after tomatoes. But first, let’s walk through the […]

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Healthiest Vegetables To Grow

6 Healthiest Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

A vegetable garden is a simple way to have healthy meals without spending a lot of money. Likewise, who doesn’t like the feeling of consuming freshly harvested produce right out of your own garden? With so many plants to choose from, we’ve come up with a list of the healthiest vegetables to grow in your garden.

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what to do after aerating lawn

What To Do After Aerating Your Lawn

If you want to have a beautiful lawn, aerating is one of the basic lawn care practices you need to do. Aerating is done by poking the soil to create small holes so nutrients, water and air can penetrate deep into the roots of grass. With the poking done, what do you do after aerating lawn?

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watering trees in winter

Is Watering The Trees In Winter A Bad Idea?

During the summer, we all water the trees regularly using sprinklers and other irrigation systems. However, the amount of water we give our trees is reduced as we approach the colder seasons. So, is watering trees in winter absolutely bad? Here, we’ll learn the value of watering the trees even during cold weather.

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protecting fruit trees from frost

How To Protect Fruit Trees From Frost

Frost is bad for fruit-bearing trees. After all, frost can damage the leaves and prevent your fruit trees from bearing fruits optimally. Whether you have mango trees or banana trees, you cannot risk them being damaged due to the harsh effects of the cold winter season. Thus, having ample knowledge of protecting fruit trees from frost is important.

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protecting tomatoes from frost

How To Protect Tomatoes From Frost

Tomatoes do not like the cold, which I learned the hard way. Whether the tomato plant is able to flourish through the frost depends on temperatures, the length of exposed time to the cold and strong wind. Protecting tomatoes from frost is therefore extremely important.

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watering trees in winter

Two Methods On How To Save Plants After A Frost

Are you faced with a garden full of plants that have been frost-damaged? My first instinct then was to prune and remove the dead plants. Some plants will recover on their own after some time. However, you can help them to fast tract the recovery of frost damaged parts. Here are ways on how to save plants after a frost.

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cold frame gardening

Easy To Build: DIY Cold Frame Gardening Steps

A cold frame is a bottomless box placed over plants for protection from intense weather. These boxes are built on the lower part of the ground and utilize a transparent material for the roof. If you wish to grow plants even during cold weather conditions, cold frame gardening (for winter) is an effective method to pursue.

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preparing garden for winter

How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

You need special preparations when it comes to tending to your garden during winter. To be more specific, your garden should be prepared for the winter months in order for your plants to survive in the coldest period of the year. When it comes to preparing garden for winter, here’s what you need to know.

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growing kale in winter

Quick Guide To Growing Kale In Winter

One of the best things about kale is that it’s fairly resistant to the cold weather. This is why people living in areas prone to mild winter seasons prefer to grow this plant. Even with the occurrence of several touches of frost, kale can continue to grow throughout winter.

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vegetables that grow in winter

10 Best Vegetables Growing In Winter

Usually, when it’s winter, everything stops growing or goes to sleep. Animals go into hibernation. Some living things outright die as well, unable to survive the coldness of this season. If you’re a horticulturalist, there’s no need to leave your vegetable plot empty and neglect all winter long.

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Pine straw mulch in the vegetable

Pine Straw Mulch Pros And Cons

Do you wish to heighten your home’s visual appeal? A well-groomed yard can work. In my case, it surely elevated the market value of my house. I figured, to maintain the yard, landscaping plays a key role. To keep the landscape bed’s freshness intact during spring, pine straw mulch might prove a great option.

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Alternatives To Mulch In Flower Beds

5 Alternatives To Mulch In Flower Beds

In order to keep flowers beds aesthetically pleasing, gardeners usually apply garden mulch. However, there comes a time when you will get tired of having the same mulch covering your garden beds over and over again. Furthermore, typical garden mulches can be home to several pests such as slugs and wireworms.

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