The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Care You Should Know

Do you want to know how to grow grass fast? A lot of homeowners want their respective lawns to be as good-looking as possible. After all, it serves as a nice place for relaxation and the aesthetic value cannot be denied. Here, we’ll give you all the information you need to cover up any bald spots on your lawn and make it green in no time – so pour a glass from favourite water pitcher and read on:

10 Best Types Of Grass to Plant

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Prepare The Soil

Soil quality is a significant factor in the growth of your grass. Ideally, the soil in your lawn must be loose and rich with organic matter. Likewise, its soil texture should be capable of retaining a good amount of moisture while still draining water with ease. If you are still preparing your lawn, it would be best to add new quality soil before planting any grass seeds.

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​After getting the right soil, you need to conduct soil preparation. Soil gets compacted with each passing day if you don’t do anything about it. When the soil is compact, the grass seedlings will have a hard time getting their roots in the soil. Moreover, compaction reduces the amount of moisture and oxygen that your grass can receive.

​Thus, it becomes difficult for your new grass to grow. In order to avoid soil compaction, you should aerate the soil. You can use a manual lawn aerator or any similar tool to create some holes in the ground. This makes it easier for both water and oxygen to enter the soil.

​Get Enough Irrigation

The grass seeds need adequate water. Without enough water, the seeds won’t grow enough to even go up the soil. Even when they do grow above the soil, the grass could appear stunted. This is a common issue for homeowners who use badly designed irrigation systems, especially those that are not properly maintained. Then again, too much water is also bad as it can kill your grass seeds.

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​To assess whether your lawn has enough moisture or not, you just have to dig up several inches of soil and grass. If it’s dry, you must irrigate the ground more to make it wet. As a result, the roots will have enough moisture for continued growth.

​As for watering practices, you should remember that it’s only advisable to water your lawn more than once each day if the grass is newly planted. Once the grass has fully established roots, you can water your lawn once a day. Also, it would be best to water the ground deeply so that even the deeper sections of the soil will contain moisture.

In addition to that, you should mow your lawn frequently and before watering to avoid clogging your lawn mower. Watering before mowing can make the wet grass stick to the mower blades, and may get caught in the mower. Choosing the best corded electric lawn mower could be a hard decision too, you should consider carefully to find out which is the most suitable for your lawn.

​Provide Enough Sunlight

Apart from water and soil quality, your grass also needs sufficient sunlight in order to grow optimally. Take note that any structures such as fences, walls, and trees can prevent your new grass from having enough sunlight. Specifically, your newly planted grass will require a minimum of six hours each day.

​If this isn’t done, your lawn will have thin patches that you would have to cover with new grass seeds. You don’t have to take down your trees. Simply prune them to allow more of the sunshine to reach the grass.

​Options For Growing Grass

Laying sod

You can choose to buy grass sod, which is basically grass that already has roots and is attached to the soil. This will allow you to skip the planting seeds process and have young grass on your lawn as fast as possible. A square foot of sod will usually cost between 30 cents to 60 cents.

On the other hand, you can choose to start with grass seeds. To get the right grass for your lawn, it would be advisable to visit the nearest garden center and request assistance. The people there will gladly help you pick grass seeds that grow well in cool weather, warm weather, or even in both.

Another option is to hydroseed your lawn. This is a process requiring a mixture composed of substances such as water, fertilizer, grass seed, and wood fiber. The hydroseed mixture costs between six cents to 12 cents for every square foot, which makes it cheaper than sod.

​To hydroseed the lawn, you will spray this mixture with a high-pressure garden hose. Once the mixture reaches the ground, it will form a crust that will safeguard the grass seeds from pesky birds and soil erosion. Moreover, this mixture encourages optimal growth since the grass seeds already have water and fertilizer. You’ll have a decent lawn within three weeks.

​In conclusion, there are several factors that affect the growth of your grass. These include sunlight, water, and soil quality. You can also choose among using grass sod, seeds, or hydroseeding to establish your lawn.

​We hope that this guide helped you in growing grass as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, do give us a comment.

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