About Us

At A Green Hand, we provide a one stop shop for all your organic living, organic gardening and beauty queries. We understand the effort you put into leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body and mind, and our goal is to make everything easy for you by providing information that answers all those questions racing through your mind. Also, we offer a platform for gardening and healthy living enthusiasts to exchange ideas so that we can all play a role in making our world a better place.

We do not know everything. And it is because of this reality that we have a team of contributing experts in a variety of topics. Whether your intention is to learn how to start a small urban or indoor garden, improve your soil or just want to get rid of a troublesome skin problem, we will have a solution for you. Out tips and tricks pieces and in-depth reviews will in most cases be enough to answer your questions, but in case you need any extra information we are always available and willing to help you achieve your organic and healthy living goals.

We have something for everyone. A Green Hand is all about finding solutions and helping you learn something new. And so we always strive to have something for everyone to ensure that out site caters for different needs. Whether you prefer to plant your seedling in soil or use a modern hydroponics system, we have something that will add some value for you. As we do our research, we always keep in mind the fact that different people will have different preferences and perceptions about health, beauty and organic living. Our goal is to ensure that we have sufficient and reliable content to cater to all our readers.

We believe in organic and healthy living. We do not just write because we like writing (although it is also one of the reasons why we started A Green Hand) but also because of our passion for healthy living. Life is not what it was half a century ago, and the food that people eat is one of the leading causes of disease, but we believe we can change this. There is more than enough research information that proves beyond any doubt that organic living keeps away a myriad of diseases and also increases lifespan significantly. We want to help you get the benefits of a healthy life and by doing so improve the quality of your life.

We also want to make life more comfortable for you. Life can never be comfortable enough if you do not deal with your health and beauty concerns. Whether it is a small acne flare up or a condition you have to live with for the rest of your life, there is always something you can do to make life comfortable.  With our health and beauty tips and in-depth research on various topics about the two, we will contribute to making life easier and better for you. We believe that life should be comfortable and full of pleasures and not worries about how you look or how to manage different health conditions.

We are always looking forward to hearing what you think about our site and also answer any questions about organic living or health and beauty. Feel free to email us at admin@agreenhand.com