Top 5 Best Propane Torches For Weeds, Snow And Ice

A propane torch is a powerful and handy tool that serves various functions. With its commendable firepower, one could easily get rid of pesky weeds invading the lawn. Likewise, it removes snow and ice in no time to keep your property neat during the winter season.

However, this is also a dangerous tool that needs to be used with great care. To keep you safe while also performing with ease, only the best propane torch should be acquired.

Benefits Of Using A Propane Torch​

Firstly, one of the most important uses of a propane torch is to immediately remove weeds in one’s property. Instead of exerting a considerable amount of time and effort to dig or pull out the harmful weeds, you can just torch them.

Best Propane Torch

​This is a weed removal method that can take mere seconds due to flames that reach a temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It even stops chemical contamination since you wouldn’t have to rely on herbicides filled with various chemicals.

​Secondly, aside from weed removal, a propane torch can also be utilized for burning buses and twigs. It’s clearly one of the most efficient ways to clear them out. Consequently, you can use this tool to get rid of sticky oil and grease that have ended up on your driveway or sidewalk. As for people who love to grill on the weekends, a propane torch will readily burn the charcoal so you can prepare barbecues and hot dogs in no time.

​Thirdly, a propane torch will come in handy during winter when the pipes become frozen. This tool can thaw the pipes to keep the water flowing with no issues. Even your animals can benefit from this torch since it can sterilize the cages from rust.

Top 5 Best Propane Torch For Weeds, Snow And Ice

​Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Propane Torch

In order to get the right propane torch, there are several things you need to consider. With these guidelines, you’ll be making an informed decision as a buyer.


Propane torches are easy to find in stores dedicated to gardeners and homeowners. Still, they do vary in price – and they are not cheap. You could be spending around $50 for a propane torch, and that does not usually include the gas tank and the propane itself. You’ll be spending around $20 to get a five-gallon gas tank while the cost of propane will depend on how many times you’ll be using the torch.

Simplicity In Controls​

A propane torch should not be difficult to handle even if you’re just using it for the first time. Thus, it’s best to find one that includes an ignition switch. This will ensure that the flame arising at the tip won’t suddenly go out of control and harm the user. With an ignition switch, the spark goes straight into the torch. Thus, you will only have to turn the propane on and flick the switch.

Before you buy a propane torch, make sure that starting the flame won’t be such a hassle. After all, a variant, which requires you to use a match, will put your hands dangerously near to where the fire will start.

​Tank Capacity

Some propane torches are designed to seamlessly connect to propane tanks with a capacity between 14 ounces to 16 ounces. Thanks to this considerably small capacity, you could carry and move the torch with relative ease. However, the downside is that the tank could quickly go empty.

In contrast, you could get a propane torch that attaches itself to sizable tanks. While this will give you a long time to use the tool, the torch will also need an extension hose that inevitably limits your reach. In addition, carrying a large tank can make you feel tired fastly.

Burning Time​

Some propane torches have built-in valves to help the user to modify just how much flame is generated at a given moment. You could use the lowest setting if you only need a small flame for dealing with a few weeds in your lawn. Having a valve is necessary for using the propane torch efficiently.

A valve can save you a lot of money in the long run since you’re using the appropriate amount of propane. Still, this will also allow you to have a huge flame in case you need it as soon as possible. You can actually use five gallons of propane within an hour if the torch has a three-inch tip and you choose the highest valve setting.

Tip Size​

Gardeners and homeowners need to pay good attention to the tip of the propane torch. If the weeds you need to get rid of are located in narrow sections and corner of your lawn, you should have a propane torch with a tip that lets out a fine flame. Specifically, you should get a propane torch with a tip size between three-quarters of an inch to one and a half inches.

This allows you to control which plants the flame would come in contact with. You wouldn’t want your prized flowers and crops to succumb to fire just because they were located near the weeds you were lighting on fire.

Alternatively, you should get a propane torch with a tip ranging between one and a half inches to three inches in diameter if you have to destroy a huge area filled with weeds. These large tips known as torch bells, which will release big flames to quickly burn down all the harmful plants in your property.​

Top 5 Propane Torch Reviews

Hot Max 500G Big Max 500,000 BTU Propane Torch

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The first propane torch we have comes from Hot Max. You don’t have to assemble anything once it arrives, so you can use it immediately if you want. There’s a single flint striker so you wouldn’t need to use a match to light it. With a 500,000 BTU, this model is clearly meant for industrial and heavy-duty purposes. This can melt tar, asphalt, snow, and ice while also heating metals for welding purposes.

Moreover, this propane torch lets out big flames without using any caustic chemicals. You wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally harming the sensitive plants in your property. Since this uses large-capacity liquid propane tanks, the Big Max 500G uses a 10-feet long, hose with a 350 psi rating and is listed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

There’s a lengthy molded handle that Hot Max trademarked to improve user comfort. Since the flames can get big real quick, a sturdy valve made out of solid brass helps the owner to adjust the flames accordingly. There’s also a POL safety valve that’s designed to control the amount of propane gas flowing.​

What We Liked

  • Included hose is long enough to separate the flame from the propane tank.
  • Highest-setting releases wide flames that quickly burn down huge sections of weeds.
  • Normal flow is concentrated and good enough to remove small weeds.
  • No propane leaks occurred during operations.

What We Didn't Like

  • It generates noise that might annoy neighbors.
  • The connector between the hose and the propane torch is not that tight.
  • The nozzle takes quite some time to cool down after use.
Red Dragon VT 2 1/2-30 SVC 400,000 BTU Propane Vapor Torch Kit With Squeeze Valve

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​This propane torch also utilizes a large-capacity propane tank. The Red Dragon VT 21/2-30SVC comes with a 10-foot, UL-listed gas hose. It has a 400,000 BTU Vapor Torch, which is only slightly below the 500,000 BTU of the Big Max 500G. Furthermore, the propane torch has a bell with a diameter of 2.5 inches. In total, the Red Dragon VT 21/2-30SVC propane torch has a length of 30 inches.

Consequently, this variant includes a squeeze valve for controlling the flame while the rubber grip handle ensures that you won’t lose control and harm yourself in the process. Another handy feature of this Red Dragon propane torch is the spark lighter. You wouldn’t have to put yourself at risk since the lighter will easily create the needed flame.

With the sizable flame of the Red Dragon VT 21/2-30SVC, you could clear out every single weed located in your lawn, sidewalk, and driveway. This is a heavy-duty propane torch that is compatible with any propane cylinder that has 20-pound carrying capacity at the least.​

What We Liked

  • Takes care of all the grass and weeds surrounding the galvanized fences.
  • Does not damage any nearby trees and shrubs with chemicals during operations.
  • Growth of new weeds is effectively slowed down.
  • Removes shallow root weeds in mere seconds.

What We Didn't Like

  • Not easy to assemble together if you’re new to using a propane torch.
  • It is more effective on sprawling shallow root weeds than weeds with a taproot.
  • Gets loud enough that you should use hearing protection.
  • Design of the handle could have been more ergonomic.
Red Dragon VT 2-23 C Weed Dragon 100,000-BTU Propane Vapor Torch Kit

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Up next, we have another propane torch from Red Dragon. However, there are significant differences between the VT 21/2-30SVC and the VT 2-23C Weed Dragon Propane Vapor Torch Kit. For one, this propane torch comes fully assembled. You can use it the moment it arrives as long as you have propane available. Secondly, VT 21/2-30SVC has a 400,000 BTU propane torch while this one settles for 100,000 BTU.

With a significantly lower BTU, does this mean that the Red Dragon VT 2-23 C Weed Dragon is a completely inferior variant? No, since this propane torch is specifically designed to remove weeds in the lawn. It can still melt snow and ice while also heating tar and asphalt, but it’s primarily meant for landscapers and garden owners who require an effective weed control method. In fact, this got the Seal of Approval from the National Home Gardening Club.

It has a two-inch bell and the complete length of the torch measures at 27.5 inches. The handle is 23 inches long while the gas hose is ten feet long. A 20-pound propane tank would do well with the Red Dragon VT 2-23 C Weed Dragon, especially with the hand-tighten tank fitting. Other features of this model include a plastic grip, a UL-listed regulator, a needle valve, and the usual spark lighter.​

What We Liked

  • Firepower is perfectly meant for removing weeds and grasses in gardens.
  • Adjustable valve is good for fuel efficiency and flame control.
  • Grip seems durable despite being made of plastic.
  • Instructions are well-written.

What We Didn't Like

  • The valve could have a better placement.
  • Handle should have been longer.
Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch

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Moving from two Red Dragon variants, we have the BernzOmatic 19425 JT850. Like all other entries, this one is designed to quickly put weeds and other unwanted plants up in flames. This can also be used to fix asphalt cracks on the pavement while also melting both ice and snow. Additionally, the BernzOmatic 19425 JT850 has a trigger-start feature for a quick activation.

As expected, you could adjust the flame output using a control valve. Aside from the usual propane gas, this BernzOmatic torch can even utilize MAPP gas, which is commonly used for welding and soldering. Its overall reach is at 36 inches, and the whole product is manufactured in the United States.

What We Liked

  • Relatively lightweight to reduce fatigue during use.
  • 36-inch reach removes the need to constantly bend one’s back.
  • Quite durable construction.
  • Trigger-start feature works well.

What We Didn't Like

  • Gives off a weird smell whenever the flame is ignited.
  • Self-igniter occasionally stops functioning.
Supershop Push Button Igniter Propane Torch Wand Ice Snow Melter Weed Burner Roofing

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Lastly, we have this propane torch from Supershop. This torch wand, as the brand likes to call it, has a valve specifically meant for controlling the flow to prevent any leaks. There’s a turbo-blast trigger to maximize the flame and heat output in no time, and it works with any standard propane tanks.

The steel tip has a diameter measuring two and 3/8 inches while the 6.5-foot hose has a working PSI of 350 pounds. The Supershop Torch Wand comes in either orange or blue. The package already includes 17-millimeter and 19-millimeter wrenches. Finally, a Piezoelectric igniter starts the flame as safely as possible.

What We Liked

  • Good enough for burning down weeds.
  • Turbo-blast trigger generates extra heat to kill off unwanted plants.
  • Includes two open-end wrenches.

What We Didn't Like

  • Hose is short at just 6.5 feet.
  • Some of the parts feel flimsy.

Best Propane Torch - Winner

In the end, our favorite choice is none other than the Red Dragon VT 2-23C Weed Dragon Propane Vapor Torch Kit. Despite having just a 100,000 BTU, this is what we’ve been looking for as homeowners and lawn owners. We do not have to waste time putting the parts together since it comes fully assembled. If you are new to using a propane torch, the instruction manual offers all the information you would need.

​We just have to hold the plastic yet sturdy grip and ignite a flame with the spark lighter to begin operations. The handle might not be long enough for everyone, but that’s a minor issue.

Red Dragon VT 2-23 C Weed Dragon 100,000-BTU Propane Vapor Torch Kit

Via amazon.com

This tool is powerful and precise enough to get rid of both huge and narrow sections of weed. As for snow and ice removal, this Red Dragon propane torch does the job well too. No wonder it got the National Home Gardening Club’s Seal of Approval.


We hope that you learned a lot from our guide. A propane torch is a handy tool that allows people to quickly remove weeds without using herbicide. Moreover, it can clear out snow and ice during the winter season. As long as you consider all the factors before buying, you should get a great propane torch that will work perfectly in your lawn.

If you have any queries, do give us a comment.​

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