10 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Regardless of its size, a backyard can greatly benefit from landscaping. Some homeowners want to improve the visual appeal by mowing their lawn frequently while others want to maximize the potential of their properties. Here are 10 small backyard landscaping ideas that you should definitely consider.

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#1. Flower Boxes

small backyard landscaping ideas

Placing flowers boxes just outside your window can greatly enhance the aesthetic allure of your home. These small containers are easy to find in local garden supply store. In addition, flower boxes are a convenient way to grow plants without having to dig holes in the ground.

The most common type is the wooden flower box. However, you might consider lining the planter with plastic to prevent wood rot. You can also try flower boxes made up of resin or plastic since both of these are both light and relatively sturdy.

#2. Hose Holder And Planter


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We’ve all had problems with garden hoses that get tangled and become unsightly when they’re not in use. Thus, we propose making a hose holder that can also serve as a planter for space efficiency. You will need a couple of pallets, several wood screws, wood glue, a water sealer, a door latch, and some galvanized hinges. Also, place some durable foot pads at the bottom to keep the hose holder from being directly exposed to water when the groundis soaked.

#3. Garden Borders

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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These borders help distinguish one area of your yard from another. Likewise, there are a variety of border materials for you to choose from. For one, iron borders can be placed without having to dig anything. Second, you can use terra cotta pots if you have enough of them to place one after another. In fact, you can recycle other items such as plates and wine bottles for your garden border.

#4. Fence Line

small backyard landscaping ideas

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There are several reasons why a fence line works well for a small backyard. First, it can be used for hanging plant containers. Wooden enhance can accentuate the vibrant flowering plants in your yard. Second, they can prevent any unwanted visitors from entering your property. Third, a white fence line can provide homeowners with a nostalgic and rustic appearance.

#5. Reuse Old Furniture

small backyard landscaping ideas

One way to add some charm to your backyard is to use old pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables. Whether they are broken or not, these wooden or metallic items can be decorated with flower pots and other containers. If you don’t have any of these, you can just go to your local flea market or to a garage sale to buy one at an affordable price.

#6. Wheelbarrow Planter

small backyard landscaping ideas

We recommend using pressure treated lumber for making the wheelbarrow planter. This type of lumber is specifically made to safeguard itself against rot and termite infestations. Similarly, you should use exterior wood screws that are highly resistant to corrosion. Some of the tools needed are a hand saw, a hand drill, and a drill bit. Consequently, adding paint or wood stain afterward can visually complement your yard.

#7. Hanging Planters

small backyard landscaping ideas

First, you will need a container. Thankfully, you can recycle any peanut butter jars, yogurt cups, or any other containers as long as you’ve thoroughly cleaned them. Next, prepare some twine made of cotton or hemp. Next, prepare a pair of scissors, some potting soil, some pebbles, and the succulents or vines that you want to plant in the hanging planters. At the end, you’ll have a gorgeous planter held up thanks to knotted pieces of twine and a hook.

#8. Retaining Wall Around A Tree

small backyard landscaping ideas

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If you’ve got a tree in your small yard, placing a wall around it will enhance the overall appearance of your property. First, you need to mark a circle around a particular tree. Second, remove any of the grass surrounding it. Third, place some gravel around the tree and compact it. Next, place a layer of well-aligned stones then put a layer of masonry cement on them. It’s up to you how many layers of stone and cement you want to complete the retaining wall. And wait for a little bit, there you have a beautiful retaining wall.

#9. Tire Planters

small backyard landscaping ideas

If you’ve got some tires lying around, you can put some plastic burlap bags in them and turn them into planters. The burlap bags should be filled dirt once they’ve been securely placed in the tires. Afterward, add some topsoil and then apply garden soil. Don’t forget to drill some holes to drain excess water. Similar to the other ideas, it’s up to you to change the color of your recycled tires.

#10. Crushed Rock Patio

small backyard landscaping ideas

Finally, here’s a classic way to beautify your small backyard. Apart from using crushed rock as a garden border, you can also use this for your patio. As these rocks become compacted, they will eventually create a relatively leveled surface. This material comes in many colors and sizes, which means that you can change the appearance of your patio from time to time with ease.

​Overall, there are many landscaping ideas to choose from. While some options are more physically demanding than others, there are also ones that are cost-effective. Recycling tires, containers, and old pieces of furniture are a fantastic and sustainable way to improve the look of a small backyard.

We hope that our list inspires you to think of other creative landscaping ideas. For more backyard landscaping ideas, check out this great post on 13 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard! If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment.


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