Snow Thrower Vs Snowblower: How Are They Different?

Snow thrower vs Snowblower? Aren’t they the same? Aren’t all the machines which pick up and dispense snow the same?

I was confused. So might you. Let’s read on to solve this mystery.

​I learnt about snow thrower while browsing through snow blowers in an online ecommerce site. So, I decided to look it up. Went to the nearby stores, and spoke to my friends & relations owning such machines. As I figured out the differences, I considered jotting them down.

Snow Thrower Vs Snowblower: How Are They Different?​How Does A Snow Thrower Work Differently Than A Snow Blower?​The Difference In Size And Capability?How To Choose Between A ‘Snow Thrower’ And Snowblower?​Conclusion​

So, this write-up on Snow thrower vs Snowblower marks out the dissimilarities between the two machines. I believe it will aid you in selecting the suitable machine. There are several types of snow blower and snow thrower in the market, and you can follow at https://billious.com/best-cordless-snow-blowers/ to get more information.

​How Does A Snow Thrower Work Differently Than A Snow Blower?

snow thrower vs snowblower

A ‘Snow Thrower’ machine functions as a single-stage snow remover. Single-stage suggests that the machine throws snow in just one move. A straightforward process of snow clearance is involved here. In one nonstop motion, the auger lifts the snow and throws it out the chute.

snow thrower vs snowblower

​A ‘Snow Blower’ machine functions as a two-stage snow remover. Two-stage involves two moves for snow clearance, which is a slightly more complex snow clearing procedure.

The first move is similar to that of a snow thrower. The snow blower’s auger scrapes up the snow. The difference lies in the second move. Instead of throwing the snow, the auger passes it to the impeller. The impeller, working like a strong fan, blows out the snow through the chute.

​The Difference In Size And Capability?

‘Snow Thrower’ is a smaller in size compared to ‘Snow blower’. The ‘Snow Blower’ on the other hand is a bigger and wider machine.

‘Snow Thrower’ is pretty simple to use owing to their light-weight and single motion snow removal feature. While ‘Snow Blower’ are quite heavy and best suited for those who can handle robust machines. That said, certain snow blowers come with a self-propel attribute. This allows the user to easily handle the machine. You are free from the tiresome task of pushing the heavy snow removal machine.

How To Choose Between A ‘Snow Thrower’ And Snowblower?​

Choosing between the two machines is quite easy! 

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​You should opt for ‘Snow Thrower’ if you own a small-sized property, with a small sidewalk/ driveway and don’t get much snowfall in your area. The reason being that, ‘Snow Thrower’ is capable of throwing snow at a shorter distance. This apparatus needs several passes in order to throw out the snow and clear the path. For a smaller space with less snowfall, you would need a light-weight, simple and affordable machine. The ‘Snow Thrower’ fit the bill perfectly.

​You should go for a ‘Snow blower’ if you live in a large-sized property, with a huge area to clear off along with heavy snowfall every year. ‘Snow blower’ is capable of blowing off snow quire far away. It can precisely blow snow to about 50 feet distance. Its wide design comes with the benefit of requiring lesser number of passes to blow off snow from a massive area. Another added advantage is the taller intakes. If your place is piled up with deep snow, a ‘snow blower’ can clear if off without any trouble. A snow blower is more costly but apt for huge area when you have more than sidewalk to clear.

​So, it is not feasible to purchase a ‘snow thrower’ if you get lots of snow covering up a vast area.

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To sum it all up!

​Snow thrower is a lighter, cheaper and suitable for throwing snow off smaller areas. Snow blower is a heavy, wide, expensive machine that is best fit for blowing snow off larger areas. Did you find the Snow thrower vs Snowblower guide helpful? If you have any queries do share them at the comments section below. Both machines are available online.

Here are few pro tips that might help:​

  • Browse through the machines. Read their features and watch tutorials before purchasing.
  • Check in with a friend owning a snow thrower/snow blower & see for yourself how it works.
  • Do check the maintenance kit to make your machine last longer
  • Have a storage space for off season hibernation.

Snow thrower vs Snowblower? Aren’t they the same? Aren’t all the machines which pick up and dispense snow the same? #snowthrower #snowblower #gardening