The Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000 This 2023

If you have to clear the snow off from a sizable driveway or any pavement with a relatively steep incline, a single stage snow blower wouldn’t be enough. In such a situation, the right solution is to get a 2 stage machine. With our assistance, you can get the best 2 stage snow blower under $1000.

​Purpose And Limitations Of A 2 Stage Snow Blower

Once the snow reaches a maximum width of 30 inches and a total depth of 16 inches, you should replace a single stage snow blower with a 2 stage machine. While both snow blower types use augers to gather and throw snow into a chute, only the 2 stage have an impeller. This impeller is located behind the auger and spins around during operations to improve the snow-throwing distance.

Another difference compared to a single stage snow blower is that the auger here is designed to avoid direct contact with the pavement. This makes the 2 stage snow blower ideal for removing snow on pavements containing gravel. Likewise, the wheels of a 2 stage snow blower are powered by an engine. This allows the wheels to traverse pavements with ramps or slopes.

​Of course, the added impeller and the hefty engine add considerable weight to the machine. With more snow-clearing power, they have a bulky size requiring more storage space. Still, there are 2 stage snow blowers featuring a compact design only 24-inche wide.

​A 2 stage snow blower is more expensive due to an increase in features and machine parts. Thus, operating it might not be as simple as handling a single stage snow blower.

On the other hand, the 2 stage snow blower is still cheaper compared to a three stage machine, which distinguishes itself from the first two types by having an accelerator. With this accelerator, the collection auger and the impeller gather and discharge quicker than the other 2 types.

Top 5 Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers Under $1000 This 2019

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Husqvarna ST224P - 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering SnowthrowerHusqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowthrower $$FIND BEST PRICE
Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow ThrowerHusqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower $$FIND BEST PRICE
YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow BlowerYARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower $FIND BEST PRICE
Briggs and Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower Briggs and Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower $FIND BEST PRICE
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc 4-cycle Electric Start Two-Stage Snow ThrowerTroy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc 4-cycle Electric Start Two-Stage Snow Thrower $$FIND BEST PRICE

​Factors To Consider

best 2 stage snow blower under $1000


A two stage snow blower is far from a cheap product – it’s an investment. This machine will cost you hundreds of dollars, not including the repair, replacement, and maintenance expenses in the long run. You will also need to allot enough space for storage. Plus, you need to make sure you get one from a reputable snow blower brand.

​Snow blowers do save you a lot of time and energy in clearing the snow off your property during the winter, but you have to be ready to shell out a lot of money. ​But It’ not difficult to look for an inexpensive 2-stage under 1000, 600, even under 500.

​Area Size

​Before you buy one, evaluate your area first. How many times do you need to clear out snow? If it’s just an occasional task each year, maybe it’s not worth the price.

​Furthermore, check the size of the driveways, sidewalks, and all of the pavements to be affected by snowfall. With a small driveway, you’ll be fine with a durable snow shovel. Sure, you’ll have to exert more physical effort, but it’s cost-effective.

​Snowfall Intensity

​If the snow depth doesn’t exceed five inches, a shovel would do. If you have a huge driveway and snowfall exceeding five-inch deep most of the time, the benefits of a snow blower would outweigh the financial costs.

​In particular, a lightweight and electric-type snow blower would be appropriate for clearing a maximum of 10 inches of snowfall. Once the snowfall depth reaches 16 inches, it’s time to get a powerful gas-type snow blower.

​When the snowfall goes beyond 16 inches and becomes heavy or wet, you should buy a two-stage snow blower. With its gas-powered engines, even heavy snowfall wouldn’t be much of a problem.


​Two-stage snow blowers are not as small as their single stage counterparts, so they can’t easily go through narrow walkways. What’s great about them, however, is that they can automatically propel themselves to get rid of both ice and snow.

​You also can choose between a wheel drive and a track drive model. A two-stage snow blower with a wheel drive has huge tires and treads, assuring good traction and stability. A track drive model, on the other hand, has superior traction to move on rough pavements and steep slopes.

​Snow Blower Parts To Evaluate

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000


​The engines in a 2 stage snow blower won’t always be the same. Some of them have particular fuel or engine maintenance needs, and different sizes depending on their maximum power output. Please take note that a four-cycle overhead valve engine is a good balance of power, ease of control, and relatively quiet operation.

​Dead-Man Control

​The dead-man control of the snow blower needs to work well at all times for your own safety. If this part is faulty, both the auger and impeller could keep spinning around even when you’ve already released the handlebar grips.

​Speed Options

​A two stage snow blower will at least have four forward speeds. Some even include a couple of reverse speeds. Both of these reduce the risk of machine clogging as it goes through the heavy or wet snow.

​Top 5 Two Stage Snow Blower Reviews

Here, we’ve compiled five 2 stage snow blowers that appeared promising enough to grab our attention. Their performances differed from each other, but they all have something good to offer. These are best deals on snowblowers.


Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowthrower

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

This snow blower has a working width of 24 inches. Therefore, it is fairly compact for easy storage despite the sizable clearing capacity. With a 208cc Husqvarna engine, the Husqvarna ST224 can constantly clear snowfall 12 inches deep.

​The 12-inch ribbon augers perform well with the help of the power steering feature. The 15-inch wheels are sturdy enough to make the machine climb steep inclines. Snow-clearing could go uninterrupted since the fuel tanks can accommodate 2.7 liters of gas and oil.

​Moreover, you do not have to manually adjust the disposing chute. With a remote control, you could easily control the deflector and rotate the chute for as much as 180 degrees. There’s a loop handle to maintain a good grip of the snow blower. The handle grips are fairly heated to keep the user comfortable even in the freezing cold weather.

​You can clear out all of the accumulated snow at night, thanks to the LED headlights. Regardless of the time of day, the Husqvarna ST224’s electric start feature will ensure quick activation with the push of a button. The gearbox is aptly made of aluminum to withstand harsh weather conditions, and Husqvarna offers both a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year engine and gear box warranty.

What We Liked

  • Throwing direction greatly varies with remote chute rotation
  • LED lights are bright enough for nighttime operations
  • Quick changing oil process because of the extended oil drain plug and extended oil fill tube
  • Clears snow with ease and without any clogging issues
  • Operates quietly

What We Didn’t Like

  • The control panel is well-designed but made of plastic
  • Instructions in the user manual are quite confusing

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Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 27-Inch

Up next, this snow blower was created by Husqvarna to effectively clear snow in huge driveways and walkways with ribbon augers. The Husqvarna 961930097 uses adjustable skid shoes so that it can be used on any surface type without fear of breaking the pavement. Heavy-tread wheels readily provide the increased traction required for steep and slippery areas.

​There are some similarities between the two reviewed products. First, the handle is adjustable and the grips are heated. Second, there are LED headlights for snow-clearing operations in the dark.

​Beside that, in this model, there’s an electric start feature for hassle-free activation and a sturdy gearbox to keep the parts protected from the natural elements. If the machine has issues, you can use the 5-year warranty.

​Among the 5 products review, the Husqvarna 96930097 can clear the deepest with 27 inches. If you want to immediately change the speed because of the snowfall level, just use the friction disc transmission. Maneuvering this 2 stage snow blower isn’t difficult thanks to the trigger control power steering.

What We Liked

  • Sturdy housing for the ribbon augers
  • Adjustable and reversible skid shoes to prevent damaging delicate pavements
  • Control cables are durable, resistant to cold weather
  • Chute deflector and rotator can both be controlled with a lever

What We Didn’t Like

  • It moves slowly when the reverse gear is in action
  • Hand-warming feature not that good in actuality
  • Speed of the low forward gear is too speedy for practical use

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YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower –  Best Snow Blower Under 500

YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow Blower

An interesting feature from YARDMAX machine is that it offers both a push-button electric start and a recoil starter in case the former method doesn’t work. The company uses either a 7-horsepower LCT electric start snow engine or a YARDMAX 6.5 horsepower 196cc recoil one.

​A multi-speed, self-propelled drive system reduces clogging problems. You can pick among six forward speeds and two reverse speeds with the speed control to clear the snow as safely and efficiently as possible.

​The YARDMAX YB6270 can handle both heavy snow and packed ice with its serrated steel augers. Once they have been sliced, the high-speed impeller gathers and leads them to a discharge chute. This chute has been engineered to reach great throwing distances without resulting in a problematic blowback.

However, if you want to find a best gas snow blower under 500, then YB5765, 6.5 hp, 196cc, 22″ is a reasonable choice at the moment.​

What We Liked

  • Discharge chute throws snow at a significant distance and is made of metal for added durability
  • Convenient location of shut-off valve for the gas
  • Complete assembly takes less than 40 minutes
  • Decent traction on steep inclines
  • Solid steel frame

What We Didn’t Like

  • Variant with the 24-inch clearing width does not have any LED headlights
  • Still gets clogged if it’s dealing with wet and heavy snow

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Briggs and Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower – Best Affordable Snow Blower

YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow Blower

The snow blower from Briggs and Stratton has a standard-sized 24-inch clearing width. What’s deserving attention is its capacity to clear snowfall as deep as 20 inches. Like other machines here, the Briggs and Stratton 1696610 snow blower operates using an electric start.

​Upon activation, a hefty 950 snow series 208cc engine powers the snow blower with 9.5 foot-pounds of torque. Reversible skid shoes made of steel plow the snow faster. Safe adjustment of the clearing speed is achieved with a friction disc transmission. Lastly, Briggs and Stratton included a three-year equipment and engine warranty for this two-stage snow blower.

What We Liked

  • Electric start works well with the durable cord
  • Steel auger gearbox can withstand harsh conditions
  • 13-inch tires provide ample traction
  • Designed with a sturdy steel frame

What We Didn’t Like

  • Skid plate bolt is too tight for easy assembling
  • Minor errors in the user manual
  • Discharge chute is not stabilized enough by the lock nuts

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Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc 4-cycle Electric Start Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc 4-cycle Electric Start Two-Stage Snow Thrower

This 2 stage snow blower from Troy-Bilt has a 21-inch clearing depth that’s complemented by a 26-inch clearing width. To power it through heavy snowfall, the Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 relies on a 243cc 4-Cycle Electric Start OHV engine. You can even pick between six forward speeds and two reverse speeds during a snow-clearing operation.

​Since the snow blower works fast in dealing with heavy snow, the polymer discharge chute was designed to be clog-resistant. The skid shoes keep the snow blower stable, and they can be reversed to prevent damaging delicate surface. Of course, the Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 has only a two-year limited warranty.

What We Liked

  • Discharge chute can be rotated for as much as 200 degrees using a single hand
  • 26-inch clearing width is enough for big driveways and walkways
  • OHV electric start engine gives sufficient power
  • 15-inch X-Trac wheels provide decent traction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Instruction manual sometimes has confusing text
  • Location of the chute affects the effectiveness of the LED headlight during nighttime clearing operations

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2 Stage Snow Blower Under $1000 – Best Deal

Overall, our favorite two stage snow blower is the Husqvarna ST224. This machine can clear paths 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep with ribbon augers powered by the 208cc Husqvarna engine. Even with significantly heavy snowfall, it can keep going with the help of power steering.

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow BlowerLearn More


Finding the right speed to prevent clogging is easy with friction disc transmission. Consequently, the adjustable skid shoes and the 15-inch heavy-tread wheels keep it moving on steep inclines and on various surface types.

​Compared to the Troy-Bilt Storm 2625, the LED headlights are conveniently placed to provide enough illumination in the dark. The fuel tank is enough for a whole operation, both chutes and deflectors can be remotely controlled, and the handle grips are sufficiently warm.

​In addition that, the company even has two warranties to address any engine and parts issues. Basically, the Husqvarna ST224P is our favorite machine for its fantastic combination of user comfort, performance, and long-term reliability.