Snowblower Auger Not Turning! How to Replace Auger Belt?

By Ann Sanders | Winter Gardening

Snowblower Auger Not Turning

Is your snowblower auger not turning? Keep calm! Every users has at least been in this situation once! And it definitely gets into my nerves when I wear multiple layers of clothes, go out in the freezing cold weather and the snowblower auger just won’t turn.

​Carrying the snowblower all the way to the repair shop seemed like extra work during the weekend. So, keeping that as the last resort, I just went through some online video tutorials! To my relief, I could actually detect that the issue. While using my snowblower, the auger belt drive had slipped suggesting that it was a “gone case” and I needed to install a new one.

​Yay, after spending some time, I’ve learned how to replace the auger belt! I actually fixed my snowblower myself. Wow, that saved me some good cash! I only need to purchase the new auger belt.

Snowblower Auger Not Turning

​Things You Will Need

  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Spring clamp
  • Working gloves
  • Eye Protection glasses

Step By Step Instructions To Fix the Auger Cable

Step 1: Remove all the fuel from the tank. You can use a siphon pump to drain all the fuel out or run the engine until the entire fuel burns out and it stops.

Step 2: Detach the spark plug wire by pulling it off the plug directly.

Step 3: In this step find the ratchet & socket in order to remove the belt cover. First, you ought to unscrew the bolt that fixes the belt cover. Once the bolt is unfastened you can easily take the back cover off. 

Step 4: The fourth step requires you to detach the belt. Just pull the auger belt straight away from the engine pulley.

Step 5: Here you need to work on detaching the frame panel. First, let the snow blower rest on the auger housing by tiling it frontward. Second, find the screws placed between the wheels and take them out as they keep the frame panel fixed. Finally, once unscrewed, the frame panel will come off easily making the drive system gears accessible to you.

Step 6: Locate the belt keeper and detach it by loosening up the hex nut.

Step 7: In this step, you will remove the belt but before doing so, carefully note how the belt is placed. Best take some pictures of the belt placement. It will help in placing the new belt.For belt removal, use the spring clamp to depress the drive engagement lever. Have a helper near you to hold it. Rotating the belt at 90 degrees will make the belt slip over the pulley bolt to take it out of the auger pulley easily.

Step 8: For new belt installing, you need to pop it on the auger pulley. Once done, check thoroughly whether the belt is placed in the pulley groove. The belt should not be placed on the belt keeper or outside the break tab. Double check and place correctly.After completing the new belt placement suitably, you ought to reinstall the belt keeper.

Step 9: Next comes reinstallation of the frame panel. Make the snowblower rest on the tires by pivoting it upright and place the frame panel.

Step 10: In this step, you place the belt fittingly on the engine pulley. Get it on the right place by rolling. This when accomplished, you ought to just reinstall the belt cover.

​Finally, it’s time to test the snowblower. Connect the spark plug wire and fill up the tank with fuel.

​Start the engine and check if your snowblower auger is turning fine or not!

​Note: It can be risky to repair snowblower on one’s own. Do take all the safety precautions necessary before going ahead with replacing the auger belt.

Snowblower Auger Not Turning

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Was the tutorial on replacing snowblower auger belt helpful? I could fix my snowblower and save some ample time, energy and cash, which is why I took to sharing the instructions. Carrying a snowblower to a repair shop can be a grilling time-consuming process. Do post in your comments and share if you like it!


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