Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

Creating a home for your family is not just about making the interior cozy and beautiful. It’s also about maintaining an equally beautiful yard to match your beautiful house. There’s no sense in “dolling up” your house if your yard is dying and in need of some serious tending. Surely, your neighbors would notice that “ugly sight” and criticize you for it.

After all, human beings are wired in such a way that they notice the flaws of someone more than their beauty and accomplishments. The same holds true for your yard. No matter how grand and luxurious your house is, just one look at your dreadful yard will instantly turn anyone down.

Maintaining the splendor of your yard doesn’t require a huge and extravagant garden. You can do it on a budget by applying simple landscaping and lawn care methods to augment the overall feel and value of your yard. Remember that a beautiful yard is also an outdoor space for your children to play and lounge around and a venue for family and friends to gather and hold parties.

Here are a couple of tips to help you maintain your beautiful yard.

● Keep your lawn properly “hydrated”

The biggest and most important part of your yard is all the healthy and green grass that cover your lawn. The key to keeping these turfs healthy is by watering them with the right amount of water at the right time of the day. The best time to water them is in the early morning with a depth of four to six inches in order to promote a healthy root development.

● Determine how much money and time you can spare on your yard

Keeping a yard healthy and beautiful can be a handful for some people who don’t have much time and/or money to spare for their yards. Hence, it is important to get this matter sorted out as well. One great tip is to choose plants that do not require much attention and maintenance.

Another is to include your yard maintenance in your schedule – maybe you can spend three hours on Saturday to pull out the weeds, another three hours the next weekend to trim the trees, and another three hours the weekend after the next to mow the lawn. You can assign these tasks to your family members, too, as they will benefit from a well-maintained yard as well.

● Choose flowers and greenery accordingly

Aside from money and time, you also have to consider your location’s climate when choosing the flowers and greenery to add in your yard. Make sure that they can get their temperature and sunlight requirements in your area. There’s no use buying and planting plants that won’t even survive a month, not to mention unhealthy plants are not that pleasing to look at.

Keep everything simple as well. Growing a lot of varieties of flowers and plants in your yard will result in more maintenance requirements given that different plants may have different needs. However, if you have a green thumb or you simply don’t mind gardening for long hours, then be my guest. Follow what you “green heart” tells you to do.

● Remove the weeds

This one should be a natural thing to do as weeds are the worst enemies of your beloved plants. They compete with your plants for nutrients, water, space, and sunlight. Weeds can grow quickly during summer where daylight hours are longer and during spring when rain is abundant. When you see a small growth of weeds, remove it immediately while they’re still “young.” The bigger they get, the harder it will be to pull them because their roots also get stronger.

● Let the soil “breathe”

Inject some air into the soil by loosening it up so that the oxygen can reach the roots. Compacted soil is common in lawns and yards that are frequently stepped on by people and animals. If you notice signs of compacted soil—such as, pooling of water in some areas, hard areas that cannot be penetrated with a shovel, stunted growth of plants, and many more—then you may have to aerate your yard.

● Hire a rubbish removal service

Now that you have accomplished all of the above, you are left with piles of weeds and waste that you have no idea where to dispose of. To keep your yard and your surroundings extra clean after doing your maintenance work, hire a rubbish removal team that will do the dirty work for you. There is a full-service rubbish removal in Sydney that offers affordable and hassle-free removal of any trash or rubbish in your home.

Bonus Tip

If you want to enhance a little further the beauty of your yard, you can consider adding attractive and energy-efficient garden lights. This will allow your family to enjoy your evenings under the sky within the safety of your home.


Your yard is the first thing you will see when you get your home after a long day at work. It is also the first area that will welcome your guest whenever they come around to visit you. Thus, it is but proper to maintain it and keep it beautiful all the time. Apply the tips above so that your yard will be noticed for all the right reasons.