Lovingly Luminous: Shining A Light On The Beauty Of Your Backyard

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An often overlooked part of an outdoor area is the lighting. Spending time in the great outdoors is a way of life for many of us, and having to cut the good times short because of a lack of available light is never a good thing.

In order to spend more time in your own personal Eden, and to add to the beauty of your space, it might be time to get in touch with light fantastic.

Light Up My Life

Well-placed garden lighting gives you the opportunity to extend the amount of hours you’re able to enjoy in the great outdoors. It enables you and your family to spend evenings and nights in fresh air while adding an atmosphere of sophisticated and safe splendour – with no fear for dark corners and strange noises,  

To really let the light shine into your garden, consider the addition of energy efficient, attractive LED garden lights. LED lights are cheap to run, and they make an excellent addition to any garden space. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and can be positioned in a way which shines the best possible light on your garden.

Pest Detective

Not only aesthetically pleasing, effective garden lighting also has an additional benefit. Lighting can act as a deterrent for pests and possums, providing an effective and chemical free way to curtail their destruction.

Possums can’t abide direct light, and will avoid the path of any light bright enough to disturb their nocturnally-adjusted bio-rhythms. Lighting is a cheap way to discourage their costly and noisy incursion into your roof or living space, and it’s much more humane than ugly barriers or wire.

Slugs are also affected by bright light, and will choose to remain in hiding rather than risk the danger of lighting. This is good news for your plants – and will mean you no longer have to constantly change snug and snail traps. It also means that you can stop using noxious pest control chemicals – saving your garden and the planet.

Social & Special Occasion Lighting

Fairy lights. Flashing lights. Themed lights. Lighting in your garden makes for a wonderfully easy and cheap decoration. Lighting can be an effective feature for outdoor special events, and can provide joy to your family and your guests. Think of the way that Christmas lights inspire joy in children – lights can be a way to magically bring alive stories and seasonal joy.

Solar fairy lights are a cheap and cheerful way to add colour into your everyday events, and they cost nothing to run. They can be placed on high points such as clotheslines and eaves, and can even be staked into the ground to provide path lighting.

Heart Warming

Integrated heating and lighting can provide you with the most comfortable and cosy solution if you want to make more use of your garden in the colder weather. Strip heaters can provide an incandescent glow, as can outdoor gas heaters and fire pits.

Combining a heater with your outdoor lighting can help to bring to life an outdoor area which is otherwise uninviting or unloved. Nothing says comfort like the rugged warmth of an outdoor fire at night, and it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The beauty of your backyard can come alive with the additional of a smart lighting solution. By bringing some light into your outdoor living areas, you can extend your enjoyment and spend more time outdoors, helping you to reconnect with the fresh air, the flowers and the fauna.

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