10 Brilliant Strawberry Garden Ideas

Are you a big fan of strawberries? Apart from its sweet flavor and distinct aroma, strawberries also look good in the garden due to their vibrant and red appearance. You can even grow them even with a limited space. Take a look at our list of strawberry garden ideas.

There will always be a way to grow strawberries. Small gardens can benefit from vertical forms of strawberry planting.

#1. Wall Trough

strawberry garden ideas

Via Ruth Hartnup

Creating this strawberry garden is pretty simple. First, get a galvanized metal planter. Next, mount this on a wall. Afterward, you just have to add a soilless planting mix before you grow the strawberry plants. One of the best things about this is that strawberry runners can grow as much as they want without affecting other crops.

#2. Cedar Vertical Planter

Up next, this design is meant to maximize one’s vertical space. You can get any western red cedar that are strongly resistant against rotting and insects. With this, you can have as many as seven long rows to grow your favorite fruit. Growing strawberry plants here barely requires any maintenance. This is partly due to the drip-irrigation system that not only sustains plant health but also saves water by sending it immediately to the root systems.

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#3. Hanging Strawberry Plants

strawberry garden ideas

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Hanging the plants in a basket is another space-efficiency method. Since the strawberry plants aren’t on the ground, they won’t be exposed to diseases that stay in the soil. Likewise, there is an added resistance to insects. In addition, hanging baskets can prevent deer and other wild animals from just reaching for your fresh strawberries. Lastly, you can easily move them to another area if a sudden change in temperature occurs.

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#4. Strawberry Pallets

strawberry garden ideas

The materials you would need to grow strawberries include pallets, potting soil, and landscape fabric. However, ensure that the pallet has not undergone pressure treatment or covered with pesticide. You can choose to have as many pallets as you want for you and your family. After letting the strawberries establish their roots in the soil for two weeks, you can finally place the pallets in an upright position. If the weather gets too hot, you can install a drip line system.

#5. Terracotta Pots

Strawberry Garden Ideas

Via Kristine Paulus

While strawberries can be grown in garden beds, their compact size and rapid growth rate make them perfect candidates for container planting as well. One such container you can utilize is the terracotta pot, which offers ample air circulation and water entry. Thus, terracotta pots work well to protect your strawberries from root rod and any diseases that are caused by excessive water.

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#6. Strawberry Tower

Strawberry Garden Ideas

Via Apieceofrainbow.com

This so-called tower is made by placing one nursery pot on top of another. Each nursery pot must have a capacity of around five gallons each. The diameter should be at least 11 inches with the height being 13 inches. Also, look for nursery pots that are not only tough but also already have drainage holes at the bottom section. A one-liter water bottle placed at the center of the uppermost pot will serve as the source of water for all of the strawberry plants.

#7. PVC Pipe Strawberry Garden

This is another form of strawberry vertical gardening. Here, PVC pipes with a diameter between 100 and 150 millimeters are utilized. It’s up to you how tall you want each tower and irrigation tube should be. What’s important is that the watering tube exceeds the tower tube by ten centimeters or so. Moreover, drill several holes in the upper two-thirds of the tube. The lowest section doesn’t need them since the water will travel downward.

#8. Strawberry Pyramid

Instead of forming a tower, this strawberry garden takes the shape of a pyramid. Creating this on your own can be a bit costly, but the result is a stable and distinct planting area. One of the vital tools is the compound miter saw. Learn how to use this sharp tool safely before starting the construction. Likewise, you should apply varnish to the wood to preserve their quality for several seasons.

#9. Strawberry Ladder

The last of the many vertical garden ideas we have is this ladder-type strawberry garden. Even with just five steps, the strawberry ladder can already accommodate a lot of plants. In fact, this should be enough since adding more would increase the difficulty in reaching and viewing them. Do keep the planters in place with nuts and bolts. The last thing you’d want is to accidentally hit a loose planter down to the ground.

#10. Strawberry Wheelbarrow

Finally, you can recycle an old wheelbarrow — even if it has been exposed to rust. However, it’s not as simple as putting soil in the wheelbarrow and planting the strawberries right away. You need to place some hardware cloth at the bottom and line it with landscape fabric. Afterward, put a wooden planter box in the wheelbarrow. This box must also have hardware cloth and landscape fabric to retain enough moisture. It’s up to you whether you want to add color to the box with spray or paint.

Overall, there will always be a way to grow strawberries. Small gardens can benefit from vertical forms of strawberry planting. In addition, you can use terracotta pots, nursery pots, and even a worn-out wheelbarrow. We hope that you can harvest your own fresh strawberries soon. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a comment.

There will always be a way to grow strawberries. Small gardens can benefit from vertical forms of strawberry planting.