How To Select A Concrete Contractor That’s Right For You

If you’re going to be dealing with a concrete-related project in Winston-Salem soon, you’ll need to put your trust in the experts. While it may seem like a small and simple task that you can do all by yourself, that might not really be the case. Hiring the services of a concrete contractor could be a much better choice since they have the skills and experience fit for the successful accomplishment of the task.  However, make sure to choose the right person as whomever you pick to do the job could either make or break the project.

But, with numerous contractors for you to choose from, how exactly can you determine which one is the good one?  These tips below can lead you to the right decision:

1. Check The Licenses

A trustworthy concrete contractor Winston-Salem will always have the proper licenses and permits to operate. While you browse through various options, it’s important for you to double-check if all the necessary licenses are complied with. As much as you may want to save on costs, don’t ever skimp on the legitimacy of the contractor that you’re planning to hire. Else, should any problem happen during the construction process, it’s going to be so much harder for you to justify your claims.

The proper licenses and permits of your chosen contractor pertain to the following:

  • License as a concrete contractor, or the appropriate legal alternative
  • Permit to operate business as a legitimate contractor
  • Other legal documents required by your state for business purposes

2. Filter Through The Experience And Skill Level

When you’re going to be spending money on a project, you’ll also want to be assured that you’re putting the entire project in the hands of experts. One way of knowing if the contractor has the right expertise is by looking at the number of years they’ve been in the industry. The more years that the concrete contractor has spent in the field, the more experience they have under their belt.

The contractor that you choose to work with should be equipped with sufficient knowledge to finish your project completely, and with little to no errors at that. They should be aware of the proper tools and the advancements and innovations in the concrete industry.

Apart from the number of years in service, other ways for you to gauge the experience and skill level is through the following:

  • Browsing through the portfolio of previous projects accomplished
  • Feedback from previous clients

3. Ask For The Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Concrete works, or anything related to the construction industry, are inherently full of hazards. Should anything happen on-site during the whole process, you’ll want to be guaranteed that there’s enough insurance coverage protecting the members of the concrete contractor’s team. Apart from that, the insurance coverage should also include any potential harm or damage done to your property.

4. Check The Overall Reputation

If you have family or friends who also dealt with concrete-related projects in the past, you might also want to gather references from them as to the reputation of the contractors with whom they worked. Do so no matter how small your project may be, such as simple garden paths or lawns, for instance. Every bit of information matters. When you’ve already got options of concrete contractors you’re planning to hire, always double-check the reputation of the people concerned.

If you hear anything negative about a specific contractor, then you might want to take this with a grain of salt. Consider it as a red flag and as a sign that you need to choose another contractor instead. Don’t feel compelled to stick with just one, even when the reputation is questionable at the outset.

5. Review The Terms Of The Contract

As you’re meeting with the contractor, have they mentioned anything to you about a contract? Well, they should have. Else, the absence of one should again be another red flag. A good contractor should always provide you with a contract. This is what binds your entire project together. Also, it is the basis for any claims or dispute that any of the parties may have.

When you’re presented with a contract, it’s important that you review the terms. Get to know the details in-depth. If there’s anything that you don’t quite understand, don’t sign immediately. Take the time to ask the advice and help of an expert in interpreting what’s written. That way, you’re better assured that you’re making a fully informed decision about your agreement.


Whether you’re planning to build a residential or a commercial project in Winston-Salem, it is important that you hire the services of a topnotch and, most of all, legitimate concrete contractor. Else, you’re going to end up with a poorly done concrete project. If you were previously anxious about finding the right contractor, now you don’t have to be. These tips are a good start to lead you to the right contractor.