The Most Eco-Friendly Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter

Getting through winter comfortably is hardly possible without home heating solutions. However, standard electric bar heaters and fans promise to create warm, cozy homes, but these heaters consume a lot of power and hardly provide much heat.huum-b-DyeeJsCOk-unsplash

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So, if you’re searching for ways to heat your home this winter that won’t break the bank and harm the planet, here are a few green home heating solutions to consider. 

Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared heating panels create heat through infrared radiation. This form of heating is commonly used outdoors, although it can also warm the inside of your home. Infrared panels are an incredibly energy-efficient solution. Not only do these panels provide warmth with minimal power consumption, but they also generate heat pretty fast, and they are silent and low maintenance. But are infrared panels the future of heating? In short, these panels are an incredibly eco-friendly way to heat your home without compromising warmth. 

Replace Your Home’s Insulation

While you can reduce your power bill by using infrared panels in your home, you can lower your power consumption even more by improving your home’s insulation. Because proper insulation will help keep heat in, insulation can decrease your power bill substantially even if you aren’t using other eco-friendly heating measures. 

Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows can also improve insulation dramatically. These windows are designed with double panes to effectively keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, investing in these windows will also increase property value, and eco-friendly home upgrades are increasingly popular among home buyers. 

Energy-efficient windows are also great when it comes to preventing sun damage on your furniture because these windows block out harmful UV rays. 

Get A Few Area Rugs

Using area rugs in your home is a decorative way to keep your home warm. While cold tile and wooden flooring will keep your home cool, rugs and carpeting will offer the opposite. But because it’s not recommended to install carpeting simply because tiles and hardwood floors are better options for upholding property value, it’s wise to get a few area rugs instead.