Home Maintenance Guidelines in Virginia

Just like maintaining your vehicles, your home also needs maintenance. However, most of the chores, though daunting, do not require frequent cleaning.

Spring is just around the corner in Northern Virginia and the preparation for spring cleaning is buzzing everywhere in the city of Richmond. Homeowners are stretching their arms and legs getting ready for the taxing chores ahead. 

Maintaining our home has taken a backseat in our busy lives, however, just like home appliances and vehicles, home maintenance is equally essential. Some chores may require cleaning every few months while others can be cleaned annually. Here are a few guidelines or tips to help you in the springtime cleaning of your home:

Inspect Your Roof

No matter the type of roof you have, shingles, tin, or concrete tiles, it is essential to thoroughly inspect it, at least annually so you can avoid or repair any damages that may occur. 

Clean Gutters and Drains

Rainwater slides off your roof and goes through drain pipes or gutters to protect your home. If the drains become clogged, you may face serious water damage besides, you may not notice it till the last minute. So having your roof checked out along with cleaning the drain pipes will help maintain and protect your house from damage.

Clean Your Hot Water System

Make sure to check your water heater system for leakage, rust, or other abnormalities. Clean the tank half-yearly to avoid the collection of sediments at the bottom of the tank. These clustered sediments can heat the tank and boil the water making a low rumbling or popping noise. If your hot water comes out red or brown, then your tank is on the verge of corrosion and may require replacement.

Inspect Electrical Cables & Outlets

Check your electrical wires, plugs, and outlets for faulty ones. This includes the wiring of the lights, electrical gadgets such as television, security systems, generators, etc. Repair or replace faulty wires as they can later lead to house fires. However, it is advised to have a professional around when inspecting or repairing electrical components. Electricians at Richmond VA provides restorative electrical services for the homeowners and are available 24 hours a day, even for emergencies. 

Get Your Lawn Mowed

Lawn mowing can be laborious and time-consuming but a clean lawn will give you peace of mind and also looks good. If what you lack is a lawnmower then it’s time you invest in one. If your lawn is small, you can try purchasing a corded electric lawn mower that is both noiseless and environmentally friendly. 

However, if you have a big lawn, a cordless lawn mower is the one for you. It does not produce toxic fumes and has a larger reach than corded ones. 

You can try gardening by planting some flowers or veggies on your lawn. Besides, you can also create a small patio filled with garden furniture, to relax outside instead of staying inside and suffocating. 

Pressure Wash 

It’s time to get the outside surfaces of your home cleaned and pressure washing is the best way to get rid of stubborn dirt and debris from your decks, patio, driveways, fences, garage doors, and even your car. You can either do the job yourself or hire a company to do it for you and save time. Your house would look rejuvenated and will impress your neighbors. 

Repair Cracked Surfaces 

If you notice some cracked surfaces, both inside and outside of the house, get them repaired. This also goes for paint that’s peeling off. Here’s the chance for you to paint the exterior of your house with a color of your choice. 

Vacuum The Condenser Coils

The coils that you see at the back or bottom of your refrigerator also need to be cleaned annually. If they are covered in dust, it makes the fridge work twice as hard and inefficiently. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean the coils and enjoy the use of the appliance for another year. 

Clean your appliances

We use a lot of appliances in our daily lives but hardly find the time to keep them clean. Assign a day for the cleaning of your washing machine, air conditioner, mixing equipment (blenders, grinders, hand mixers, coffee makers, and so on), cooker or stove, your ovens, water heater tank, etc. 

Check Your Doors and Windows

Inspect your front and bedroom doors for cringing sounds or squeals. The same goes for windows. If they make noise when closing or opening put in a little bit of lubricant in the middle of the door hinge to stop the noise and ensure smooth movement.

Even the windows may become stuck and be sticky when you try to open or close them making it extremely annoying. If not addressed quickly it may lead to damage and eventually, you’ll end up replacing them, which means more money out of your pocket. 

A little bit of lubricant rubbed on the sills will make it all better right after you’re done cleaning the dust.

Don’t forget to inspect your garage door as well. Conduct a safety check by manually opening the door. It should slide open smoothly without any issue. Another way to check is to put a small object right beneath the shutters. Once the shutter touches the object it should glide back up automatically. If none of these work, it is better to call a professional for help to fix the problem.

In Richmond, home maintenance is something we often put in the backseat of our daily chores. What with all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, work, school, maintaining our home becomes less of an issue to deal with. However, like your vehicles, home and property will look and feel better with regular tune-ups. Just assign a day, preferably a holiday, to tackle new chores and you’ll be done in no time. Cleaning can be a daunting task especially when it comes to home maintenance, therefore take one step at a time and get it done slowly. After you’re done, you will feel the change and the comfort it’ll bring to life in a well-maintained home. 

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