How To Declutter Your Home Office

Can you be productive in an uncluttered office space? Clutter is a huge distraction. Apart from this, it makes the search for the right item difficult. With all of those papers, files, and office supplies, you may feel overwhelmed to keep your home office organized and clean. However, there are plenty of ways and tips to declutter and clean your home office to boost productivity. This professional house cleaning Tucson company says whether you’re working in a shoebox-sized space or have a massive room there are always ways you can make a space feel bigger. 

Clever Tips To Declutter Home Office

Purge paper

Paper can easily pile up in an office space. So you would do well to reclaim your space before the clutter eats it up. Check every piece of paper and categorize on the basis of tossing it, filing it, or taking action from it. You could choose to file your paperwork in a color-coded system.

Remove personal items

Now that you are working from home doesn’t mean your home office should be the space for your personal items. So it is a good idea to remove any household items that have nothing to do with your workspace.

This may include accessories, shoes, clothing, kitchen appliances, exercise gear, or anything that distracts your attention from work. You do not want to experience the feeling of working at home because that might make you feel a little lethargic and adversely affect your productivity. 

When you are working to declutter office space, explore desk drawers and filing cabinets. You want to make sure everything is clear of personal items, including open and storage closets. 

Declutter workstation

Check your workstation. What does it look like? Is everything clear or there is something behind, on top of, or under the work desk? Are there any specific office supplies you use every day? Should these items have a separate home in your office? Every time you start with the decluttering office supplies process, you will have a couple of items that have different home or need to be eliminated.

Even this little exercise to declutter your workstation would give you a tidy space to work with. By simply removing a box of old files that have been sitting underneath the desk unnecessarily will give your important items room to breathe.

Take one job at a time

You may find it overwhelming to tackle a big job. Divide your office into different sections and declutter one at a time to make the task easier. For example, start with clearing and organizing your desk one day. You may choose to organize the file cabinets the next day. Keep a timeline for clearing it all and you will be happy to stick to the schedule.

Make a decluttering office checklist

It would help to incorporate a couple of decluttering tasks into your everyday work regimen. A simple checklist will come in handy. This would help ensure that materials do not build up.

If your office is a clutter magnet, it would help you greatly to work on the checklist regularly. You may dedicate a specific day of the week to decluttering a specific space. This may include:

  • Remove personal items
  • Remove old expired papers
  • Clean digital files and folders 
  • Shred confidential paperwork 

Keep essentials alone

One of the most important tips to declutter the home office is to keep essentials alone. Remove everything else. Otherwise, your work desk might become a clutter magnet for unnecessary documents and random supplies. 

Try to hold onto things that need your attention. Everything else can go into the background. 

For items that need your attention often, you could keep a small basket or tray on your work desk or in a visible corner that constantly reminds you of the stuff it is holding. This is one way to declutter office space and know what needs immediate attention.

Invest in storage

When you are trying to declutter office space, you may want to invest in storage for properly organizing home office supplies. You may buy some drawers, floating shelves, filing cabinets, and organizers to give everything a home.

All in all, setting aside ten minutes at the end of each workday is more than enough to spruce up your work area. No doubt, this prepares you for tomorrow. Of course, these decluttering office tips should make life easier and work-life more productive for you.

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