Garden Windows – Nurture Nature Wherever You Are

Overall, city life is exhilarating and—if we’re being honest here—sometimes exasperating. It’s nice to be able to kick back after a long day and spend some time doing something you enjoy.

However, that can be tough if gardening is your “something,” can’t it?

Yards with adequate space for a garden are a rarity, indeed. We’ve got a few ideas you might like that allow you to nurture nature wherever you live.

Granted, you may have a tiny area near the front door of your home large enough to accommodate a large planter, a small variety of flowers, or a couple of attractive bushes.

Builders wisely add that aesthetic area to lure you in with curb appeal. While they’re welcome additions, if you’re craving something more, perhaps you should consider installing a garden window.

The greenhouse effect

If your home has a bay window, you’re ahead of the game. You can easily utilize the space to create your own little spot of serenity. Adding shelving or hanging planters is all you need to set your plan in motion.

You may want to research which plants grow best according to the sunlight conditions your window affords.

Learning how to trigger spring bulbs to begin growing indoors over the winter is a possibility too. Whether you plan to grow herbs, flowers, or even vegetables, you’re sure to discover something that will thrive.

Installing a garden window

Garden windows typically contain four basic elements:

● Extra shelf space
● Three glass side panels
● Top sloped glass

While you can find DIY videos on every subject imaginable via the internet, we’d like to take a moment to recommend leaving a project such as this to the professionals.

Installing a window requires precision to ensure not only that your window operates correctly, but that your home is protected from the damage that occurs when moisture makes its way into the interior structure.

When asked his views regarding DIY window installation, Randy Reece, Reece Windows, replied, “If homeowners aren’t experienced in window installation, it’s pretty risky to tackle a window replacement or new window installation on their own.

In addition to the fact that installing a window is a dangerous job, if everything doesn’t come together correctly, the potential for moisture problems down the road increases dramatically.”

The trouble with moisture

Although your future garden’s survival depends on moisture, if left unchecked, substantial structural damage may result in your home's interior. Wood rot spreads of its own accord.

As if that thought isn’t sobering enough in its own right, moisture also encourages mold growth. Exposure to mold causes health issues that only worsen over time.

Back to a sunnier outlook

Now, that we’ve done our duty and posted a word to the wise, garden windows are commonly small enough to brighten a kitchen window area. But, of course, there are no specific guidelines as to the size and shape, so feel free to dream as big as you’d like.

However, if the cost of a full-blown garden window just isn’t in the budget, there’s another option to consider.

Window boxes

Install an indoor window box by simply by placing a rectangular planter or basket on an inside window sill. Moreover, you can purchase ready-made boxes or indoor planters at your local home improvement store.

There’s no doubting the appeal of lush plants thriving inside your home according to Joshua Silva, CEO of Silva Group. “While the paint is usually my biggest recommendation, there’s no mistaking the aesthetic value of lush green plants at the windows of a home for staging purposes. Potential homeowners find them very appealing.”

Outside window boxes can satisfy a gardener’s aching green thumb as well. The view from indoors is just as lovely as for those passing by your home. If you’re not already familiar, it’s a good idea to research plants that grow heartily in your climate zone for the best success.

While window boxes are a more likely project for an avid DIYer to undertake if you’re having a contractor install either a garden window or window boxes for you, it’s wise to take a few
precautions before hiring them.

If you decide to hire a professional

Asking pertinent questions can determine whether or not aa contractor even makes the bid list. It’s important to ensure that a company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. These are marked signs of a reputable business. It’s also a good idea to ask how long the company has been in business and if they provide customer references upon request.

Moreover, in light of the raging opiate epidemic plaguing our nation coupled with increasing marijuana legalization for both medical and recreational use, inquiring if the company drug tests their employees are entirely appropriate.

When speaking to this topic, David Bell, CEO at USA Mobile Drug Testing, said, “Homeowners have every right to ask if someone that will be working in their home—and possibly around their children—has been tested for drug use. In fact, according to SAMHSA, 68.9% of drug users are actively employed in the workforce; this raises a serious point of concern.”

Home is where the heart is

Fulfilling a dream to have an indoor gardening area will bring joy to your entire family in that little spot of serenity. Our homes shelter the ones we love most and ensuring their safety at all times is paramount.

Contractors and their employees come into your home on a short-term basis—probably never to be seen again. Checking them out for safety’s sake just makes sense.

Whichever way you decide to bring the outside in by way of your little garden spot, you’re sure to enjoy the time you spend there. And, that’s what counts.

Michelle Williams

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