4 Reasons Why You Need To Re-Roof With A Pro

Your roof is one of the most vital parts of your house. It protects everything inside, but no matter how durable a roof is—it weathers with time. And no matter how well you maintain your roof, you will need to re-roof it at some point. If you’re aware that your roof needs repairing, have it done immediately to prevent extensive damage.

However, re-roofing is no DIY task—it’s complicated and requires an experienced hand. In this article, you’ll discover four reasons re-roofing requires professionals.

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For A Professional Output

One of the most important reasons you need to hire a professional when re-roofing is to ensure your structure doesn’t get damaged during the process and to have a high-quality roof upon project completion. If done without the proper knowledge and skills, you risk your family’s safety.

Professional roofers undergo training of two to four years to get a license and certification. Thus, by hiring a qualified roofer, you’ll know your home’s structure and your family’s safety are in excellent hands.

If someone offers to help you complete your project, ask them for their qualifications. If they can’t provide it, it’s best to keep on searching. You can, for example, search the internet for Roofing Contractors Albuquerque to find experts who use high-quality materials. Find someone knowledgeable about constructing durable roofing and who will give you advice about what type of re-roofing your structure needs.

Allowing just anybody to re-roof your structure may render it useless. It may seem okay on the outside once done, but you won’t know if it’s properly constructed until issues, like leaks, arise.  

To Ensure Safety During Construction

Construction accidents may result in hefty medical bills, or worse—death. Because the work is done high up, safety risks increase with roofing projects. This alone is enough reason to hire professionals to do the job.

Professional service providers understand every risk involved and know which precautions to take. They also have the proper equipment to keep them safe while doing their job. They have specific safety procedures in place, which they follow strictly to minimize potential accidents. 

For example, before they start work, they will analyze the weather, type of roof, and its steepness. If your roof is made of metal or slate tiles, professional roofers know to take extra precautions when walking on it. Not only do they know how to avoid damaging your roof, but they also know that these roofs are more slippery than asphalt shingles. As for the weather, they know not to pursue roofing construction during and right after it rains, because wet shingles can cause slipping accidents. They also know to avoid working under windy conditions, because powerful gusts of wind can push them to the edge or even off the roof.

In contrast, inexperienced people won’t likely take the various safety risks into consideration when they prepare to work on your re-roofing project. If an accident occurs, their treatment and recovery will probably become your financial burden. On the other hand, professionals usually have insurance they can claim from and will enter a signed agreement with you regarding whose responsibility it is if accidents occur.

To Save Time

It may seem unimportant, but letting a professional handle your re-roofing will save you a lot of time. If you do it yourself, you’ll end up taking time off work (which you could have saved for a holiday) and neglecting other important household chores. Also, you may feel rushed to complete the project and end up doing a sub-standard job. Apart from wasting time, you’ll end up purchasing expensive roofing equipment that you’ll only use once.

Professional roofers need not experiment or figure out how to do certain things. They won’t make unnecessary mistakes that cost a lot of money to fix. In contrast, this is something you’re likely to go through if you do it yourself or hire someone inexperienced. 

As the saying goes, ‘don’t be penny-wise but pound-foolish.’

Professional Roofers Offer Warranties

An important reason for choosing a licensed professional over a DIY option is that a professional roofer will guarantee their work for a certain period after they’ve completed the project. For example, if your roof starts to leak within a few months of having it re-roofed, you can call the roofer to sort out the problem. And even if they don’t guarantee their work, you’ll enjoy state protection should legal disputes arise.

Another benefit of working with licensed professionals is that they’ll typically cover any accidental damages to your home structure directly related to their work. If, however, they refuse, you can turn to the state for legal action against them. This is impossible when you hire an unlicensed roofer—you can’t hold them responsible because the state didn’t issue a license to them.

When working with a professional, ask them about their warranty and what you can expect in the long term. Also ask them to explain the extent of their responsibilities and the limitations of the warranty.

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For example, if they confirm that they will take responsibility for any roofing issues within a year after project completion, you’ll know you can call them any time within that period to address issues. They won’t charge you for additional repairs because of the warranty.

If you did it yourself or hired an unlicensed roofer and issues arise afterward, you’ll carry the financial burden of fixing it. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a professional from the start.


Re-roofing is an investment. When done right with the help of a qualified professional, it’ll last for decades. Because professional roofers have honed their skills through training and experience, they know how to make your roof durable. They also know how to keep themselves safe during the re-roofing project.

Hiring professionals will save you both time and money. Doing it yourself may cause personal injuries and damage to your roof structure, meaning that you’ll end up hiring a professional to fix it, anyway. 

Instead, do it the right way from the start and let the professionals handle it. They’ll work carefully and even guarantee their work, meaning you’ll have peace of mind for many years ahead.