Things You Should Know about Flowers That Grow in Winter

Although winter is all about the white snow lying all over and most of us are often lazy to get up from the bed, you can still feel the colors around you. All that what you need to do is just fill your patio or garden with mesmerizing scent and vibrant colors. It is not at all recommended to simply let your garden go bare and dormant during the colder months

There are some flowers that grow in winter, which can definitely make it possible for you to let the environment be colorful. Hence, if you want to have a pleasant experience this winter, you must get accustomed to such stunning varieties of flowers.

Here’s a brief description of some of the most prominent ones:


When it comes to low-growing texture, heather is certainly one of the best ones. This winter-blooming flower is certainly a brilliant one and one of its kind of course. It looks simply perfect in the pots. With white, pink, and purple colors, heather is actually a fabulous flower which grows during the wintry months.

Winter aconites

They are typically some yellow, pretty flowers which mainly grow just under the deciduous trees and shrubs. If the soil is rich and moist in your garden, you can easily grow winter aconites. These flowers are so prominent that they can beam an extraordinary golden glow into your garden especially during that time when the sunshine is not able to break through the cloud more often.

The little plant of winter aconite is just 10 cm long. With them in your garden, it will look like a yellow carpet to you which will be definitely a spirit-lifting sight.


This is a hybrid plant which comes with large and attractive flowers. All thanks go to the modern updates of horticulture that there is a wide range of color varieties in pansies. Whether it is yellow, orange, gold, purple or violet, all of the colors are absolutely attractive. The presence of striking showy face markings in pansies is one of the most unique features of this flower.

If you’re having well-draining soils in your garden with some partially sunny areas, pansies flowers should be your first choice to grow in winter. Although they are perennial by nature, pansies can also grow as biennials and annuals due to their leggy growth. In the first year, pansies will not give you flowers. It will be just the greenery.

During the next year, it will bear the flowers and seeds. Finally, the plants die like annuals. You can purchase pansies as a pack of six young plants from the available garden centers and plant them directly in the soil of your garden.

Winter Jasmine

The beautiful yellow flowers that are grown in winter jasmine really look spectacular. It is a scrambling plant which has star-shaped leaves that are yellow in color. You can train them easily with wires or trellis in such a way that they act as climbers. You can beautify your archways during the coming winter with winter jasmine. Also, it looks nice when being scrambled over low walls.

The plantation of winter jasmine is a simple process. There is no exclusive soil preparation needed to grow this flower. However, it is always good if the ball of the soil and the roots of the plants are soaked before planting them.

Also, it is recommended that you should turn the ends in an outward direction by stretching them with your fingertips. All these will let the winter jasmines grow fast and in a beautiful way of course.


Crocus blooms when the winter starts fading gradually and it seems like that spring is coming. The crocus flowers are upright and come in the shapes of cups. They look amazing when planted in the pots and in the borders of your garden.

Also, the pretty Crocus flowers look stunning when they poke up in the lawns. Crocus comes in a variety of shades among which lilac, mauve, yellow, and white are most commonly known ones.

In fact, not only the flowers but also the leaves of this flowering plant look unique. The grass-like ensiform leaves have white central stripes along their axis which give an extraordinary look to them.


They are very pretty looking flowers which generally cover up the ground with minute pink, white and purple blooms. Although they are technically perennial, they usually grow as annuals in almost all the states of the United States of America. You can decorate your lawn while hanging some lovely alyssum in multiple colors planted in some containers. Also, they look astounding when growing beside the rose bushes.

The plants are usually just around 6 inches in height but sometimes their height might vary up to 12 inches. The stems of alyssum gradually get radiated from the center while having clusters of flowers in each one of them. So, all in all, alyssum is a remarkable package of beauty and uniqueness.


This is actually a shrub which bears amazingly fragrant flowers that grow in winters. The flowers usually remain clubbed in clusters in a couple of positions of the stems.

Sometimes it might be growing in the leaf axils while aligning towards the end of the stems or might be while forming the terminal heads. Particularly, a few species of Daphne are really excellent. For example, you can opt for D. odora or D. bholua for growing them near your gates or doorways. They will look best of the best!


The common name of this flower is a sweet box because of its mindblowing smell. It grows during the winters and the fragrance is so nice that it can be detected even when you are across the garden. The tiny creamy flowers of Sarcococca are certainly worth growing.

This flower which grows in the winter turns into shiny black berries. They grow best in the moist and shady areas. Hence, if you’ve some such portions in your garden, go for sweet box flowers!

Well, these are the most excellent flowers that grow in the winters. There are certainly many more. You must explore and know about them. Last but not the least, let your garden be no more a vacant piece of land in the coming winter and give it a lively vibe!

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