Improving Your Houseplants’ Lives with Outdoor Blinds

There is no better way to add a breath of life to your living room than to bring some greenery into your home. Indoor plants add a touch of color to your interior décor and are a great source of fresh air to your home.

But if your houseplants are to thrive, they need some tender loving care.

One of the best ways to keep your plants alive is to ensure they are getting the right amount of natural light. This is possible if you chose the perfect window treatments that complement your plant’s sunlight needs. And this is where window treatment advice from outdoor blinds Adelaide experts comes in handy.

How Outdoor Blinds Can Help Improve the Life of Your Houseplant

Every plant needs natural light to stay alive.  Some plants require indirect sunlight, while others will thrive on full-blast sun rays. Always check the plant label to see the amount of lighting that your houseplant needs.

The treatment you use on your windows affects the amount of lighting that your indoor plant gets.  

  1.   Venetian blinds for plants that enjoy light in small doses

If you have plants that require small doses of sun rays or some shade to survive such as snake plants, coleus plants, or caladiums you’ll need blinds that you can adjust to give light in small doses.

Wooden or aluminum Venetian blinds have open and close slat features making them ideal for providing small doses of lighting for such plants. These blinds also take little space in your window, allowing your plants to remain on the window sill.

  1.   Roller blinds ideal for desert-dwelling plants

Plants such as cacti, aloe Vera, spider plants, and other succulents need lots of direct sunlight and warmth to grow. Such plants thrive well on south-facing windows that receive lots of sun rays.

Roller blinds are perfect for such plants as they can be easily adjusted to let in heaps of light. Vertical blinds are also a good match for these plants as you can control them to let in plenty of natural light and warmth for your succulents plants.

  1.   Double roller blinds for plants that are sensitive to light

Extreme heat from direct sun rays isn’t ideal for some plants. Plants such as orchids, cast iron, and ivy do well when grown in partial shade. Such plants do well on north-facing windows that give consistent levels of sunlight throughout the day. Such windows also give little amounts of sun rays to your plants.

Double roller blinds are suitable for north-facing windows and for plants that do well with little amounts of sunlight. These blinds have different light filtrations such that you can choose the right balance of light that your plant needs depending on the time of day and the season.

  1.   Solar double shades perfect for plants that don’t need extreme sunlight

Most homes have small windows on the east and west sides that let in just the right amount of natural lighting. If you have plants that require a glimpse of direct sun rays but also need a little bit of shade, then you should keep these on your east or west-facing windows.

Plants in the east or west-facing windows receive half-day of direct sunlight either in the morning or evening and also enjoy some shade for the rest of the day.

Plants most suited for these windows include:

  •         Jade plant
    ·         Urn plant
    ·         Zebra plant
    ·         Parlor palm

Unlike roller blinds, solar shades are less harsh when it comes to the amount of sunlight, heat, and glare that comes in through your windows.  Solar blinds aren’t made of solid material but of sheer fabric that acts as a shade protecting your plants from the harsh afternoon sun rays.

Sunshades blinds come in different transparencies and are great at ensuring your plants get just the right amount of light. For instance, for plants that need minimal sunlight, you can go for solar shades offering 1% transparency.  If you feel your plant needs more sunlight, you can go for higher transparency.

  1.   Smart blinds to keep your plants alive when you’re on vacation

If you’re planning on going on summer vacation, you may be worried about how your houseplants will survive in your absence.  Rather than cancel your trip, you can ensure your plants stay alive even as you enjoy yourself on holiday with the help of smart blinds.

Smart blinds have inbuilt technology such that you can control them remotely. If you have a smartphone, you can install an app that syncs with your smart blinds. This makes it possible to open or close them even when you’re miles away from home.  You can also control the amount of lighting that your smart blinds let in with the help of the app. This will ensure your indoor plants get the natural light they need when you’re on vacation.

In closing, indoor plants can add a touch of color to your home. They are also perfect for purifying the air in your home. You can only reap these benefits if you provide your houseplants with the right amount of natural light. Choosing the right window treatment will ensure your indoor plants get the right amount of sunlight to survive.