How To Make The Best Of Your Outside Space

Even if you’re an avid gardener with a world of experience, it can sometimes be overwhelming to peer at your own garden and decide the best way to tidy it up. There are so many options and sometimes it’s not always practical or possible to get the exact look you would like – or perhaps you feel it might be too ambitious. If you have the right tools and the right know-how, anything is possible within your own space.

Below are just some of the basic ways to optimize your garden, and it’s these base ideas which shouldn’t be neglected in order to truly get the best out of your space.

Look After Your Lawn

lawn care in summer

Having a fresh and healthy lawn will make all the difference in the appearance of your garden; along with how appealing it is to spend time in your outside space. Ensure that you always keep on top of your lawn maintenance using a grass cutter, and you could also try lawn care products which enable your grass to grow lush and green – just the way you want it.


If you have a large garden, then you have bags of storage potential you can use, which could keep your home from becoming too cluttered. Outside storage such as a shed is a practical choice for any garden overhaul, especially if you’re a keen gardener and need somewhere to store your gardening tools and equipment, or if you’re just looking for extra space for household items. You should consider steel garden sheds if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional wood and want a more weatherproof and sturdy structure.

Get The Right Furniture

Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture

You don’t want all your hard garden-maintenance work to go to waste, so it’s important to install the correct, comfortable furniture to guarantee long days spent relaxing in your outdoor space. Consider the right type of your furniture for your needs and wants: would you prefer a seating area with table and chairs for the family to sit? Or would you prefer a couple of sun loungers, or a comfortable outdoor loveseat? Maybe your priority is the perfect reading spot in the sun. Whatever your preference, ensure you don’t compromise on comfort.

Install A Flowerbed Or Two

Having a colorful flowerbed can really make your garden pop – as well as giving your green fingers something beautiful to maintain and work on. The size of the flowerbed depends entirely on the size and shape of your garden, and the sort of planter it allows you to install, so always work with the space you have. Create depth by planting smaller flowers towards the front and large flowers at the back – and the more color, the better! Add some of your favorite plants, too, to create a fuller look.

Ensure you take extra special care of your flowers and plants by protecting them from outside forces and providing adequate plant food.

Choose The Right Paving

For an attractive and practical feature, try combining paving stones with your lawn; this is a good idea for the seating area or a spot where you can set up a barbeque in the summer, if that’s your thing. When choosing your paving, you need to consider the aesthetics in the same way you have with every other feature in your garden: deliberate which paving stone color would look best with the plants and flowers you have growing in your garden, and which style of stone would best suit the garden theme you are going for. You could have a regular, plain stone, or a stone with a unique shape and pattern, for instance.

Remember The Seasons

Your beautiful outdoor space shouldn’t just be useable or attractive during the summer; you can take the time to grow flowers and plants which bloom all year round, or aren’t affected as much by the winter weather. This means that even during the colder months, you’ll still have a spark of color in your garden. Furthermore, you can get a head start on the re-grow for your summer flowers by planting bulbs and seeds early in the spring so that they will be blooming just in time for the warm weather again!

Don’t Neglect Your Fencing

Large gardens in particular, benefit from adequate fencing, especially if you have neighbors either side of you. Not only does it provide privacy, but it gives a border and a backdrop to your outside space. Fitting strong and well-sized fencing can be the finishing touch to all your hard work. If your fencing is neglected or of improper size, this can sometimes be all that your eye is drawn towards. Once you have the fencing correct, you can install creepers or vine leaves to grow to add even more vibrancy to your garden.