How To Get Rid Of Lawn Mites

Welcome back to AGreenHand of Ann Sanders. Today I’m going to talk to you about how I get rid of plant mites and its oftentimes.

Sometimes when we over fertilized or for some reason, your grass has been stressed for a variety of different reasons. You may find an infestation of grass mites and they oftentimes show up on the underside of the leaves. You’ll see a little discoloration or other problems because they basically suck some of the fluids or the juices out of those leaves in order to survive.

So there’s a number of what I consider fairly toxic products that we can use. That will be a good insecticide to get rid of your plant mites. But I prefer to use more natural products in order to get rid of those plant mites without extracting any toxic to our environment. One of my favorite products is actually something with neem oil so you can actually make it yourself either from a neem plant, if you’re lucky enough to have a neem tree growing near you. Or you can go ahead and find some at your local gardening store or organic supply store, that’s where you can find some concentrated neem oil.

Bamboo spider mites on grass

All you need to do is follow the directions on your particular product that you’re able to acquire. Add water as its prescribed and treat those plants in those areas  where you’re starting to see some mites materialised. Nice thing about the neem oil is it’s also effective as a fungicide. And a variety of other insects maybe infecting your plant so you don’t even have to actually identify the exact problem that you’re having. A problem with just go ahead and treat with the neem oil that’s been diluted into your spray bottle, and you’ll have great success. I’m getting rid of plant mites as well as a number of other problems such as fungus and other plant pests  that might be giving you a hard time. If you don’t have access to that, you still want to keep it fairly organic.

A great thing specific for mites is actually using garlic so you can go ahead and chop up that garlic. Get a good infusion of it and use that in lieu of the neem oil but the neem oil works so much better. So if you are having problems with your plant mites, go ahead and find your local supplier of neem oil and start treating your plants today. And ensure that they stay healthy and happy so that you can enjoy them.

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Mites