How To Fix Over Fertilized Lawn

Having a nice-looking lawn is not really an easy thing, it requires a lot of understanding and caring. In fact, there are so many problems with home owners about how to care for their lawns in the right way.

And just get another letter from one of our readers, let’s take a look: “Since I live in Pennsylvania it’s fall season and I have applied Scott’s winter Iser to my grass. Unfortunately, I over apply to my grass is browning, I would really say I’d killed it. Any advice I’m bringing it back or reseeding now?”

Reasons Why Over Fertilized Is Not Good

Well it sounds like you probably did kill it. Too much of anything can be bad, too much of any kind of a good thing can still be bad. If you took too much vitamin C, you’d have all sorts of problems in your system.

So what you’ve done is basically way too much of a good thing: you put down too much nitrogen. The grass burned  as a result, and now it’s browning out.

Ways To Fix Over Fertilized Lawn

Wait For The Nitrogen To Dissipate

What you really have to do is just wait for that nitrogen to dissipate and that’ll happen once it gets a lot of water and the soil gets washed out. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing for the environment, because you’re getting excess nitrates down into the groundwater and that can cause all sorts of problems.

So this does happen it’s not the end of the world but too many people doing this can start causing some serious problems, so be careful. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and you just got to wait it out and wait for that extra nitrogen to dissipate.

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Get The Top Layer Soil

The other thing you can do although it’s kind of extreme is basically get the top layer of topsoil. Let’s say the top three to four inches scraped off the yard. All new topsoil brought in and then you can resize.

Now even though it’s real late the season, it might not take real well just yet but it’ll stay good until the spring, at which point the roots will really start to grow or you can wait  until the spring and just restore or reseed to get things back on track again. And don’t forget to mow your new lawn frequently to get rid of all the old brown grass. Your lawn mower should be sharpened too, and it’s best to get one of the best corded electric lawn mowers for your own. So tough position you’re in, sorry this happened but now you know and from now on, make sure to check that setting on your fertilizer spreader.

Pay close attention to it and remember where you’ve got to keep that with fertile. So good luck to you and I hope it comes back and this will work well for you.

How To Fix Over Fertilized Lawn
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