A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Orchids

It has been considered that amongst plants orchids are hardest plants to grow. It is true for some species of orchids but not for all. There are many species of orchids that do not require too much care. Some species are even easier to grow and trouble free. The most important thing which one should keep in mind while growing orchid is to maintain proper humidity. Due to this aspect often orchids are grown in greenhouses as beside maintenance of humidity it also provides other parameters which are required for orchids. One can maintain the proper temperature and humidity required for orchids even in an ordinary room. Only the area in which plant is placed requires moisture, not all the room. By using automatic watering sprays, the problem of humidity can be solved. You will definitely feel no problem by providing proper humidity range to plants. The range of watering a plant may vary specie to specie; generally the range is between 40 – 70 %. The plants grow in hot environment will flourish by choosing higher range.
Growing orchids
Besides humidity, another important factor in growing orchid is proper light level. It is important to consider that it should not exceed too much and should not be less enough. For most of the plants normally 1000-2000 foot-candles are required. You can identify that you are providing too much light by observing tips of leaves. If you will find black spots on tips of leaves then that reveals that you are providing excessive light. Orchids normally grow in shades with the support of trees. It is usually impossible for them to enjoy the full sunlight. But it is important to consider the range it requires as it varies from species to species. You can solve this light problem by hanging a simple incandescent bulb. Be careful with the choice of light because it may harm your plant if not chosen wisely. The proper shade is the need for orchids to grow well but besides this, they also require light as well. So if your plant is near some window then definitely it will be difficult to regulate light properly. You should keep in mind the hours when your plant requires a shade and when it requires sunlight. For this, you can opt for automatic shades which close down when there are intense light and vice versa. Direct sunlight may harm your specie so take care of it as well.
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