What You Should Know Before Growing And Caring For Orchids

Orchids have been so popular since their introduction to Victorian society, over 100 years ago. Orchids are very delicate and they are needed in the society as everyone has his/her own flower choice. Generally, orchids are categorized in four varieties:
  • Epiphytes: they hold onto trees.
  • Lithophytes: they are produced on rocks.
  • Saprophytes: they make a home in leaf litter.
  • Terrestrials: they grow in sand.
Among these categories, there is a vast number of species. It has researched that there are more than 20,000 original species and 10,000 hybrids. Many cultivators with the cleverness produce many species and make their self-busy in doing so, for 100 years.
Orchids Care Tips
The misconception renders in the society that it is difficult to grow orchid. By proper care, one can grow orchid well and easily. Some orchids are hardy, while some orchids require high heat and moist conditions to flourish. Cooler and drier conditions may be the requirement of some orchids. Different species have a different range of light, different temperature requirement, and growing conditions. The growing conditions are varying from lovely Phalaenopsis to even lovelier Cymbidium and many others. Usually, orchid grows in the wild in almost every continent and in every island. Because of its many species, Hawaii is sometimes called as Orchid Island. Along with growing needs, they will also require some care. Likewise every living thing, they require to care about pests and diseases. Beside problems like spider mites, aphids, and snails, many viruses may attack to orchids. But it can be prevented by proper care.
Orchids flower
It will be better for you to wash off the flowers and leaves of the plants with antibacterial compounds. Another important problem of fungi and bacteria can be cured by drying and using anti fungicides. If the problem does occur then by simple isolation you can avoid it from further spreading. Also, regular watering and repotting play an important part in curing these problems. Sometimes it might seem to be more difficult to choose an orchid. By examining outstanding samples which have a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, one can choose the best. They vary in length, flowers etc. Some orchids may have long leaves, some have flowers, some may have bamboo shoot like leaves. Thus, variety is available. The choice of orchid is totally dependent upon your taste. But you should opt for the one that makes your house more beautiful.
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