Easy Steps For Repotting Orchids

Normally foster orchids are out in the open air and they may have a support of tree. Growing orchid in pots is far better and easier way to have orchids. You can also grow orchids in open baskets and place them in an environment where they can naturally adopt the changes. If you are planning to grow orchids in pots then it is important to know that they can not endure themselves forever. Every orchid grower must know about repotting of orchid. Usually orchid repotting is done after they have fully bloomed. Repotting is required after every two years, up till this time they will have used up their natural food which is required by them to grow. You can also come to know when repotting is required by seeing leading pseoudobulbs out of the pot’s edge. The roots of the plant will push them to move out of the pot.
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You Can Conveniently Repot Orchid By Following Certain Steps

  1. Make sure that plants are fully moist. Now prepare a pot in which you want to place your plant. Also, some polystyrene pieces will be required for crocking purpose. Sharp taps on the pot rim will allow the plant to slide to the pot rim.
  2. It is very important to examine the roots. The roots should be firm and white in color. Their tips will be white to pale green. The roots will be considered as dead roots if they are soft and blackened in color.
  3. Before repotting, embellish the roots of the plant. In order to get best results, use sharp knives, blades and scissors. For repotting purpose, clean the blades with the soft cloth that has been soaked in alcohol.
  4. Now you are ready to repot the plant. With the help of your fingers push it well down around the pot rim.

When Repotting Is Required

Normally repotting should be done after every two years but if you feel that the soil in which orchids are planted has started to break into smaller pieces, you can opt for repotting.Step 1: You should choose a pot for repotting first, which is slightly bigger in size than the previous one. You can also opt for a special orchid pot.Step 2:  When you are about to change your pot, hold the top of the plant carefully.Step 3: Remove the old potting material from roots as much as you can.Step 4: Roots which are blackened in color and soft are dead roots, so remove these roots with the help of sharp blades.Step 5:  Place the roots in new pot and hold it till you have covered the roots with new potting material.Step 6: Watering of plants should be such that the water runs from the bottom of the pot. Also, keep it away from bright light for few days.