How To Care For Orchids Like Horticulturalist


In the past, many people believed that it was difficult to care for orchids or only rich people reserved the right to care for the orchids but now with the emergence of huge species and hybrids.

A common man can also consider caring for orchids because they have got a huge choice to choose a specie from that fits into their budget and their level of horticulture skill.

It is seen that most orchids need little attention; just like our normal garden needs. There are very few orchids that require special attention and for those few, some special measures need to be taken.

For instance, we need to figure out special requirements which the specie requires. It is seen that if they are properly taken care of they will certainly bloom similar to the way they are seen in stores.

Though there are many species of orchids but one of them which are very famous is Phalaenopsis. The reason for its popularity is its beautiful bloom and easy management.

It is this specie that is seen very commonly in stores and is of purple or white color. It is also very commonly given as the present.

For your orchid to bloom beautifully, you should place your orchid in a place where it receives proper sunlight. You can place it near a window.

It would be the perfect place for them but you should avoid midday sunlight as it is very intense and could harm your orchid. The best possible measure would be to give them morning and evening sunlight.

You can also give them fluorescent light but it should be placed one foot above the plant. If these measures are taken, then your orchid will bloom for at least three months.

Temperature is another important factor that needs a lot of consideration. Orchids should be given a temperature that is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Orchids bloom at a temperature beyond this but it should be less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is seen that orchids lose their bloom at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from temperature, water is another important factor that determines orchids’ bloom. Excess of water is harmful to them and they should not be over watered.

Orchids should be watered once in ten weeks and their roots, especially, shouldn’t be continuously placed in the water because it can kill the flower.

Another important tip that should be kept in mind is that the orchid needs to be fertilized before blooming. Their stems should also be trimmed.

If all these measures are taken than surely you’ll be able to grow beautiful bloom orchids at your place. This will enhance the beauty of your place and you will see rich beautiful bloom throughout the season.

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Maggie Morish September 22, 2018

Thank you for these tips. I had also thought before that orchids were just for the rich people. I have a few of them in my garden and are surprisingly so easy to take care of.

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    Have a nice weekend! I’m so in love with orchid

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