5 Tips For Growing Orchids In Greenhouse

Due to a wide variety of climates across the world, orchids are not acquired.

This may lead to greenhouse growing a bit difficult but by having the knowledge about different climatic needs, you can make it easier.

This article may be helpful in growing orchid in your greenhouse.

Temperature Requirement Of Orchid

In order to provide right temperature for your orchid you will need to know the type of orchid and the climate region which it comes from.

It is better to remain with one temperature region. The climate types in which orchids can be divided are:

  • Cool
  • Intermediate
  • Warm

Attainment Of Accurate Temperature

The accurate temperature should be adopted in order to make the successful growing of orchids. By doing so, you can become a successful greenhouse grower.

By dividing your greenhouses and maintaining different temperature levels, you can grow orchids from different climatic zones. Ventilators and extractor fans will be helpful in regulating the temperature.

Greenhouse Orchids

Humidity Maintenance

Watering to the orchid is very essential part in growing orchids. Water sprays should be constructed over the green house region.

For the purpose of growing orchids successfully, these sprays should be used at least once a day. You can go beyond one time spraying, according to seasonal requirements.

Prevention From Direct Heat

Orchids should not be exposed to direct heat. In order to avoid sun access, use roller blinds or Hessian during hot weathers.

Keep in mind that heat blocking shades should be movable so that they can be subjected to heat in winter season when orchid needs more light.

New Seasonal Growth And Greenhouse Orchids

In cold weather, orchid goes into the resting period, at the end of the flowering season. The rested orchid should be kept in full light and dry environment.

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