10 Essential Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Power tools generate incredible power to do your works faster and smoother. They may
consume some electricity and make some noise but their performance will surely satisfy you.

As a modern-day homeowner, you should have these tools in your house. These tools will
give you the confidence to do your home renovation project or other important fixing or
crafting related tasks by yourself.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to buy all power tools from the shop. We have done the hard
work for you and made a list of top 10 essential power tools that you should not miss.

10 Essential Power Tools For Homeowners

There are tons of power tools available in the marketplace and it’s not an easy task to decide
the perfect tools for your home. But, there are some common but effective tools out there that
need to be present in your toolbox. Here, I will shed light on them…

1. Track Saw

The track saw is a multipurpose saw that can perform Plunge cut, bevel cut, rip cut, flush cut
and cross-cut. However, it is widely used for plunge cut and that’s the reason why it’s also
called a plunge saw.

Track saws are different from a handheld circular saw because it stabs into the workpiece to a
pre-determined depth during its operation. As a result, you can use this tool safely. Also, it
can cut super straight because it runs on a track.

2. Drill Machine

Drill machine is the power tool that can make holes in almost all types of objects. Apart from
drilling holes, this common power tool can be used as a screwdriver, wire twister, or even a
paint mixer. You can also use this tool to assembling various things.

There are 2 types of drill machines available in the marketplace. They are the corded drill and
cordless drill. Cordless drills are portable and more convenient than a corded drill. However,
corded ones are lightweight and produce more power. So, choose the one that suits you well.

3. Nail Gun

If you are not familiar with this modern tool then you are missing the fun part. This
extraordinary tool can be the best alternative of a hammer that is used for inserting nails into
your workpiece. Yes, it will replace your hammer and nail while saving your time and

This gun is very helpful for finishing of furniture projects from framing to flooring. Also, it
works great in a situation where you have to insert nails without using any hammer.

4. Paint sprayer

If you like to do the painting jobs of your own sweet home by yourself then you should buy a
high-quality paint sprayer. It not only saves you valuable time but also makes the painting
job simple.
You should buy 2 sprayers for two different sizes. Purchase a small sprayer that will help you
to paint small and narrow walls while you need a large paint sprayer that deals with huge and
tall walls.

5. Rotary tool

For small scale cutting, drilling, polishing, sanding, and cleaning, a rotary multi-tool can be an
extremely handy tool. This tool is great for DIY crafts and small family projects. These tools
are excellent in reaching small narrow areas.
This small but powerful tool rotates at high speed and serves different purposes using the
multifunctional accessories that come with this device.

6. Grinder

You will never understand the importance of a grinder unless you employ this super finisher.
It offers a nice finishing touch to your completed project to make it feel smooth and polished.
It basically uses an abrasive material to smoothening wood, floor, and steel surface.

7. Jig saw

This is another popular saw among homeowners. It’s probably the safest power tool in the
marketplace. This compact saw has a handle on the top to guide the blade placed on the

The blade of the jig saw can be easily changed depending on the working surface and
the environment. The saw blade rapidly moves up and down to cut anything. So, you can have a
precise straight or curved cut using this power tool.

8. Router

A router is mainly used for hollowing out any workpiece. This tool is extremely helpful for
cabinetry. It has an electric motor that drives the spindle to perform its task. This amazing
tool can quickly cut, trim and shape any wood, metal, or plastic materials.

9. Shop-vac or wet-dry vacuum

It is used for dusting purposes. This powerful tool can easily pick up a slightly heavier piece of
sawdust or unused small-sized wood piece. This wet-dry vacuum cleaner can also suck up
water. So, this fantastic tool will work great in maintaining a clean working environment.

10. Reciprocating saw

This tool is perfect for small to medium-sized construction and demolition works. Its blade
goes back and forth to perform its tasks. This saw is perfect for working in vertical surfaces.

Especially these powerful saws are used for industrial purposes but you can comfortably use
them in normal DIY tasks. But, you must buy a cordless reciprocating saw if you want to
remodel your house.


Here, I have ranked only the power tools that are vital for every house. You may buy plenty
of other essential power tools for your home later. But, you should try the above-mentioned
equipment first. Once you start using them, you will feel the difference.