Zero-Maintenance Houseplants to Enhance Your Indoor Space

zero maintenance houseplants

Adding potted plants will immediately enhance any space in your house. They simply give the room that welcoming feel. Also, they will absorb the stale air, which ensures a healthier body and mind for those in the house.

However, many homeowners are hesitant about buying houseplants for a few reasons. You often hear the excuse about not having a green thumb so the plants would only wither and die. Also, they may be concerned about the extra house cleaning that houseplants cause with the soil, leaves, and dry branches that will inevitably fall on the floor or carpet.

The obvious solution, of course, is to buy houseplants that require little or zero maintenance. Here are some houseplants that can help enhance the interior space of your home.

  1. Venus Flytrap — If you like to be unique, then you should consider purchasing a Venus Flytrap for your home. Although they are exotic, you can actually buy one from your neighborhood garden center.  This carnivorous plant is extremely low-maintenance. It is a survivor, so you only need to remember to use rainwater or deionized water (you can buy this from an aquarium shop), and then feed it regularly. The plant does not shed and is an excellent accessory to countertops or tabletops.
  2. Clivia — The clivia can survive even if it is not exposed to sunlight often. In fact, it prefers a cooler temperature. It is renowned for its durability, which means the flowers will bloom even in harsh conditions. The blooms can range from bright orange, red, pink, and even a golden hue. It can liven up any room.
  3. Jade plant — One of the problems that affect houseplants is the ever-changing indoor temperature. In the summer months, you are likely to turn up the AC and when the winter months come along, you heat your home. The jade plant is one of the few species that won’t mind the sudden changes. Another advantage is that it does not require regular water. In fact, you can water it once a month, and it would still be fine.
  4. Aloe — The Aloe Vera plant requires zero maintenance. You can water it once every three weeks, and it will still thrive. One reason is that it stores water in its leaves. Just make sure that you check the soil now and then because the plant won’t show any signs that it is dehydrated. Another advantage of caring for this plant is the many health benefits you can take from it. For instance, the flesh contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera is also a natural hair thickener and conditioner. Aloe also does not shed so it shouldn’t add to your house cleaning duties.
  5. Cactus plant — There are more than 2,000 species of the cacti plant. And not too many people realize that they will also bloom flowers, which can brighten any home. As you know, you do not need to water them frequently. And they thrive in harsh conditions, so you will really have to make an effort to kill them.

In addition, some indoor plants will help improve the air quality inside your home. Among these are the rubber plant, bamboo palm, chrysanthemums, Gerbera daisy, Peace lily, and Boston fern. They will help detoxify your house and also absorb some of the harmful contaminants in the air.