When To Transplant Ornamental Grass

Characteristics Of Ornamental Grass

I have an ornamental grass plant in my lawn, it’s been cut down for the season but in the spring this thing will get pretty tall, actually about three feet and I have other ones back here. These ones in the summertime will depend on how much water they get.

They can get to about six feet tall, pretty big. People usually use them for privacy. Some of the plants is kind of scawny but others are quite healthy. They might get to about eight feet in the summertime.

How To Transplant Ornamental Grass

Now this one back here I did not plant which is the grass that’s right up against the building because this building is wood and this can cause rot. This is one of the ones that gets to six feet.

A ornamental seed must have blew over here and it was been here for three years, that’s why it’s kind of big but what I’m gonna be doing today is that I’m gonna tear up those bricks, dig it up, get all of its roots and I’m gonna transplant it to a better location.

Ornamental Grass

Here’s another one. This one is also a couple years old. This is the kind that gets three feet tall. A seed must blew and it came over here so I’m gonna be transplanting these things. So this is the spot I chose to transplant them.

They’re gonna go right here. I have the fireplace there which I’m going to be moving to another location. I have the small bush here but a plant, probably the tall one here, and the short one here next to the stairs and those will be like a little privacy fence blocking the yard from the animal feeding station I use.

So first I’m gonna go ahead and get this thing out of the way, dig some holes. I’ll give it an update in the future, once they start growing.

I found some big pieces of concrete and I use those to fill the holes where they came from. And I left some dirt rings around them so I can continue to fill them up with water.

There’s gonna be a lot of rain in the forecast so I don’t think I’m gonna have to be watering them much and also I can see some green sprouts starting on the plants, which means they’re gonna start growing pretty soon. This is one of the  sprouts that’s connected under ther.

That’s the smaller of the two and also this one I slid over another six inches after planting it. I removed all the dead branches off of that because on this kind of bush if you leave dead branches in most cases, the deadness will spread and make the whole thing start dying.

Here is a video about Dividing, propagating and potting Ornamental Grasses:

When To Transplant Ornamental Grass