Tree stumps are unhealthy for your environment – valid reasons to get rid of them

Trees can be quite stubborn but trimming them down and amassing a stump does not ensure that they will not grow again. The removal of a stump using ideal equipment will make sure they do not grow again while making the environment safer. For homeowners who do not want the tree to re-grow, going in for a stump extraction remains the best option.


Stump removal

helps in getting rid of tree stumps without the need to excavate them. Homeowners who buy the idea of digging out these stumps have come to discover that it is not only about keeping the yard clean. There are actually several more benefits to consider tree stump extraction and here is a couple of them.


Tree stumps can occupy valuable space in the garden and quite annoying to view them. When these tree stumps are kept for long, they can decay and start to re-grow which will be even more expensive to take them out since they keep coming back. Getting rid of them will also improve the aesthetics of the environment.

Decaying stumps can attract insects

When a tree stump is allowed to decompose over a couple of years, the decaying tree may magnetize pests like wood beetles, termites, carpenter ants, and a couple of other pests. If the amassed stump is beside other actively growing trees, it could pose a health issue for the other trees.

If the stump is beside the house, it may also be a magnet for wood-infesting insects that could be dangerous for the home or business building. It will be a wise decision to spend some money in hiring the services of professional stump removal agents than life with the risk and prospective damages that could come from the decaying stumps. These damages could cause a fortune in the future if they are not well handled.

Tree stumps can be hazardous

It may sound stupid but they really pose a serious threat. Stumps piled up and left on the lawn or on the landscape can be risky to the kids, visitors, and even the neighbors. Always endeavor to get rid of the stump by hiring a professional service for proper digging and extraction.

Fresh tree stumps cause unsightly re-growth

There are some tree species that when they are cut down close or slightly over grade, may continue to reproduce suckers from the stump. If this is the case with the trees, put in some money to have the suckers dug out or have them sprayed with herbicides. This way it will be possible to curb out the effects or leave any room for possible regrowth.

The suckers also tend to extract nutrients from close plants hence other areas of the landscape could be endangered as well. If the suckers are left to grow, the re-growing trees could lead to some repulsive bushes. The poor manner of growth could endanger the safety of the environs.

Stumps can harbor disease

From time to time, it is important for trees to be cut down because of unidentified diseases that have possibly damaged or killed the plant. These types of stumps can preserve diseases or fungi that can be quickly shared to other trees or any decorative plant which could completely damage or kill them in the future.