Things to Consider Before Buying the Right Shower Enclosure That You Need

Shower enclosures are key features of your bathroom. Its presence not only helps the area outside the shower stay clean but also adds to the theme of the bathroom. However, when you finally get around to searching for the right shower enclosure for your bathroom, it turns out that picking one isn’t as easy as it looks.

There are actually many different types of shower enclosures. Not all of them would fit your bathroom design. Thus, you first need to be aware of the kind of designs that exist.

Quadrant Shower

Quadrant enclosures are some of the most popular designs found in people’s bathrooms. While this kind of enclosure style would fit in anywhere, it is especially sought out by homeowners who don’t have a large amount of space in their bathroom.

Their bathroom could be particularly small or have really closed off corners. It could even be a result of both.

The quadrant shower can be fit into one corner of your bathroom. It doesn’t take up extra space nor does it waste the corner area. The sliding door helps alleviate the space problem even further.

Regular doors would involve turning it around, which will take up some space in your bathroom when you’re opening it. A sliding door stays restricted to a specific area and doesn’t take up any extra space.

This way, even in a really small bathroom, you can fit in two people without any worry of accidents in cases of a hurry. Quadrant showers come in a huge variety of sizes as well as colors. You even get the freedom to decorate it as per the look and feel of your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

When you think of frameless showers, you probably imagine the ones you see in posh society complexes with huge bathroom spaces and modern-day renovations.

In reality, while they are costly, they aren’t completely unaffordable for the average person. The frameless shower style appears to be high end because of the chic look. They help make the bathroom look sleek and shiny and most certainly a product of the modern world.

The removal of the traditional shower frame allows the room to look lighter and well ventilated. This is ideal for people who have to use bathrooms in a small space that doesn’t get a good amount of light.

At the same time, frameless shower enclosures work just as well in well lit, huge bathrooms where you want your shower to make an impact. It gives the space a minimalistic look if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Alternatively, it can help you showcase the rest of your bathroom with its quieter but strong presence.

D-Shaped Shower Enclosure

D-shaped shower enclosures look a lot like Quadrantic ones at first glance. However, one cannot confuse the two to be the same. The flat back of the D-shaped ones can align with a straight wall.

Yet, it offers a curved design and style at the front. Instead of staying at the corner of your bathroom, it could be in the middle of it with the back against the wall. This would allow it to work as the main attraction.

It still provides you an ample amount of space to maneuver and offers flexible design for small bathrooms. If you want a bathroom where you can bath easily, D shaped enclosure is ideal.

Rectangular Shower

As the name suggests, rectangular shower enclosures are designs with rectangular doors. It takes up the same amount of space a regular bathroom would usually take. You can only opt for this type of a shower if you have ample space in your bathroom and fancy dancing around in the shower without a worry.

Square Enclosure

Square enclosures allow the mix of practicality and the decorative liberty you look for, if you have a small bathroom. It doesn’t fail to make use of the corners of a bathroom.

At the same time, there are plenty of options for the kind of shower door you want. You can use hinged or sliding shower doors or even dual entrances.

Tub Enclosure

This is a common solution used by designers in apartments that are too small. Instead of creating a space in the bathroom for the enclosure walls, this makes use of the tub.

A tub is fitted where you would want the shower to be and it is closed with glass walls on all sides. You can have your choice of options with the door here as well.

What Else Do You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Enclosure?

You know the type of shower enclosures that exist, but what about the other important factors? We’ve prepared a short guide for you before you go about buying one!

Take Measures

Before you even think about buying a shower enclosure, you should first take a measurement of your bathroom. You need to measure each corner and wall with utmost care. A slight error in measurement will result in unnecessary issues and you might end up with a shower enclosure that’s too small or too big for your shower space.

For this, we recommend using a tape measure. You are going to need information on three things. The height, width and depth. However, if you already have a shower enclosure and only want to replace it, simply take measurements of the previous trays.

The Budget Matters

Before you start sorting through the variety of the enclosures, it’s imperative you first set a budget limit for yourself. Instead of straying away from the actual task and getting busy looking at the expensive options those are too out of your range, having a preset budget will help you stay on track.

You can select the type and price range and then look only through the ones you are certain you can buy, whether it is through direct payment or EMI.

The gift of the modern world is that even while you are looking for enclosures and such, you can limit the price and style of online retail stores like Fab Glass and Mirror. It restricts you from seeing options you wouldn’t be able to afford.

In fact, it will also help you deter from impulsively making a purchase you will later end up regretting. Enclosures have the same purpose and if you don’t let yourself get too greedy, you will be surprised at the range of options that are available even at a lower price range.

Factors That Affects the Cost of a Shower Enclosure

The enclosures can have some difference in price due to some visible factors. Here are some of them.

The Thickness of the Glass – The glass thickness for shower enclosures are usually measured in mm. The standard thickness is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The thicker the glass enclosure, the better durability it has. Inevitably, it also suggests an increase in price.

Size of The Enclosure – The bigger you choose to make the enclosure; the more material would be required for it. A little bit of more glass, more frame and so on. This means the cost of your enclosure will increase based on the size as well. A customized one will be even more expensive, for the specialist will have to build it according to your preference.

The Style – The style doesn’t have that much of an impact on the price. Most shower enclosures, regardless of style, start at around the same price range. It is the size and change in material that usually leads to an increase in cost.

The Brand – This is kind of obvious. The world revolves around brand names. The more famous a brand is, the more will the price of the enclosure compared to a locally limited shop.

Accessories – If you want facilities for the shower enclosure that wasn’t originally there, it will have some effect on the cost. At the same time, the changes will probably be good for enhancing your shower experiences and will provide more practical solutions to your bathroom problems.

Accessories are usually things like the handles or the shower waste pipe. If you opt for a shower waste pipe, you certainly wouldn’t have to spend a huge amount of time cleaning the enclosure.

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