The Best Plants For Bathroom Decorating

Indoor plants are a simple, yet elegant, way to decorate and brighten your bathroom while adding a spa-like ambiance. However, finding the right ones can be tricky — only certain foliage can thrive amid the low light, high humidity and warm temperatures of a bathroom. In order to choose the best plants for your space, consider how much natural light it receives. Some types of plants can tolerate less sunlight while others need more.

Ready to try your green thumb at raising a bathroom-friendly plant? Keep reading to find out the advantages of incorporating plants into your space and which varieties are mostly likely to flourish in the powder room.

Why Add Plants to Your Home?

Adorning your space with lush greenery offers more than natural beauty. Here are two compelling health benefits that can be gained from adding plants to your space:

  • Live plants create better air quality in sealed environments. They also help to increase oxygen levels and can even eliminate bacteria, creating a healthier home. The most effective houseplants for removing indoor pollutants include the peace lily, golden pothos, snake plant and English ivy, among others.
  • They can make you feel better. Plantscan boost your energy level and mood, while also increasing your vitality.

Bathroom-Friendly Plants

From hanging plants that will respond enthusiastically to high humidity to varieties that can tolerate a low-light room, here are the plants most likely to thrive in a bathroom.

For Low-Light Bathrooms

1. Bamboo— An inexpensive find at most grocery stores, bamboo is perfect for bathrooms since it can grow in low or indirect light. It also grows sans soil — simply pop a bamboo stalk into a container filled with pebbles and water. Be sure to change the water every two to four weeks to prevent mold growth.

2. Peace lily — Peace lilies sport elegant white blooms against glossy, dark green leaves. They grow best in moist, shady areas that resemble their natural rainforest habitat. Peace lilies are one of the best air-purifying plants to have in your home, and can even help keep shower tiles and curtains free from mildew.

3. Snake plant — The snake plant, which derives its name from the scale-like patterns on its leaves, is one of the hardiest houseplants. From no light to direct light, snake plants can tolerate almost any growing conditions. But be sure to keep these West African natives away from children and pets — they can be mildly toxic when ingested.

4. Ivy — This striking emerald vine can reduce the amount of airborne fecal matter in the bathroom and also absorb formaldehyde, which is commonly found in household cleaning products. Where space is limited, ivy can be placed in a hanging basket or on a ledge or windowsill where its leaves can trail down. It only requires moderate exposure to sunlight.

5. Ferns— Boston and staghorn ferns grow beautifully in low light and high humidity — the conditions found in most bathrooms, particularly where fans of toasty showers reside.

For Sunny Bathrooms

6. Orchids—Subtle and elegant, orchids keep their delicate blooms for months and prefer indirect sunlight. As epiphytes that are native to tropical climates, they thrive in humidity, so place these beauties beside your sink or on the side of your bathtub. Their brightly colored flowers will liven up even the dullest of spaces.

7. Aloe vera—A succulent known as the “plant of immortality,” aloe vera contains many healing compounds. You can use its gel as a topical treatment for minor cuts, burns, insect bites and dry skin. With its low water requirements, the humidity in your bathroom should quench its thirst.

8. Air plants—These spikey little delights can be raised by even the blackest of thumbs. As their name implies, they don’t require soil to thrive. Air plants hail from the South American jungle and need to be watered up to three times per week, even in a humid environment. The brighter and warmer your bathroom, the more watering will be required.

9. Heartleaf philodendron —This hardy plant will cheer up your bathroom with its bold, multicolored leaves. It’s also a low-maintenance plant that requires little care. Bright, indirect light will coax it to grow faster and produce more leaves.

10. Elephant ear—Native to tropical and subtropical Asia and eastern Australia, this plant offers stunning foliage that can become the focal point of a room. It loves a bright and humid space, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight because its leaves are prone to sunburn.

There are numerous houseplants that thrive in tropical conditions, making them perfect for the bathroom. Use them to create a lush, vegetation-filled oasis that can help keep your home environment clean and healthy — no matter how green (or black) your thumb may be.

Author bio: Erica Garland is Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroomand has 15-plus years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Modern Bathroom sells a variety of products you would need for any bathroom renovation project. With such a large selection of vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets and showers, Modern Bathroom is sure to have the perfect piece to give your bathroom an updated look.