How to spruce up your new build garden


So, you’ve finally got your hands on that new build home that you’ve been dreaming of for forever! You feel finally at ease, but then you take one look out the window and you are greeted with a sight that does not particularly match the perfection of your new build: the garden!

The garden is a staple part of what makes a house a home, your own little piece of scenic paradise in the midst of the suburb. As well as your new build home, it’s also where many memories will be made, so it’s important that it makes you smile. So without further ado, here a few pointers on how to spruce up your new build garden.

1. Pops of Colour

Everyone knows that the most staple part of the garden are usually the flowers and plants. The garden can be a place to escape, where you can tend to and watch your own little seeds bloom and flourish into amazing pops of colour that bring a certain brightness to your garden. They’re a great way of sprucing up your new build home garden with very little effort.

Depending on the colours you like and the level of maintenance that suits you, there are thousands of species to choose from so you are sure to find your perfect match! Whether filling your little patch of land with all the colours of the rainbow, or have a few subtle succulents nicely dressing the edges of your garden; plants and flowers will transform your garden from shabby to chic.

If you’re a big hay fever sufferer or maybe high maintenance gardening is not your thing, then paint is another way to brighten up your garden without getting down and dirty. With paint, you’re allowed to go as bold or as subtle as you like, so you can sculpt your garden how you want it.

With it being your own space, you could go for an earthy red decking, a bright white fence or why not paint everything pink! With lots of outdoor paint on offer that is long lasting and survives different weather conditions, your garden is your canvas, and you are the artiste.

 2. Upcycling

Upcycling is a very popular trend that has been recently on the rise. If you’re not familiar, it is taking an old piece of furniture, give it a lick of paint and some TLC to transform it into something brand new. It’s a cheaper, more personal way of getting new pieces that you love. What a smart way to fill your garden with great and interesting pieces without breaking the bank!

It’s all about working with what you already have. Or if you don’t have those pieces, it’s always a good idea to sift through second hand sites. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure!

This could also be a good way to make use of anything you have brought with you that you feel doesn’t really fit with your impeccable new build home. Turn that old and tired chest of drawers into a nice funky place to plant some flowers! The more unique the piece, the more your garden becomes a masterpiece and most importantly, a reflection of your style.

 3. Summer Houses, Sheds and Lights

What is better than to get your own little hideaway. There are so many ranges of summer houses and sheds on the market, coming in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you need a space for some extra storage, a shelter to relax or even a playhouse for the kids, they’re a great way to provide more space and add some dimension to your garden.

Summer houses or play houses can even be a great extension to your new build home, especially if you work some interior magic in the form of outdoor furniture. It can be transformed into a nice place to unwind when the British summer finally rolls around, and it would definitely do the job of sprucing up your garden.

Why not sprinkle some lights over your new summer house? Fairy lights go a long way and simply just make everything look magical. Battery powered or even solar powered lights can be placed around the garden to give it that extra sparkle. Solar powered lights are also environmentally friendly and won’t do anything to your electric bill so, there’s a bonus!

4. Wildlife

To truly transform your garden into an enchanted forest on your doorstep, it’s always great fun to invite wildlife. It’s great for families, keen nature lovers and it just brings your garden to life.

After placing bird houses, feeders and even squirrel feeders into your new build home garden, just sit back and relax and watch it be filled with new little occupants!

Wooden bird houses can also come in different styles and colours, so you will be able to find one that best suits you. You can invite in the wildlife and have it still look in keeping with your amazing garden.

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