Sleeping Hacks: Different Ways to Improve Your Sleep

The human body needs proper rest, which you can get from a good night’s sleep. However, falling asleep may seem impossible at times. You toss and turn on your bed as you try (and fail) to head to dreamland.

If all hope seems lost, here are four sleeping hacks you can consider to help you fall asleep in a few minutes after your head hits your pillow:

1. Stick To A Bedtime

A Netflix binge-fest to catch up on your favorite shows and movies may seem like a good idea. That seemingly good plan might turn into horror by the time you see that it’s already 3 am. Instead of staying up late at night watching films and TV shows, it might be best to sleep early. Furthermore, take note of the time you go to bed at night and stick to that schedule.

Staying up late may throw off your circadian rhythm, which is your body’s internal clock. If you continuously throw off your internal body clock, you might run the risk of becoming “late-shifted.” This means you might become chronically sleep-deprived. So, it may result in irritable mood swings, stress, and fatigue.

Following a strict sleeping time might seem like one of the simple sleep hacks. Thus, think about this straightforward technique to help you get your sleeping patterns back to normal.

2. Exercise

Working out before going to bed might not be a good idea. Instead, consider exercising about two-and-a-half hours before lying on your bed. Moderate-to-intense aerobic activity done about a couple of hours before sleeping may help you get a better rest at night.

Exercising gives you a rush that helps you stay awake. That feeling stays for about an hour after your workout is over. However, your body and mind may traverse to a relaxed state after that rush of energy starts to diminish.

Once your body properly cools down, you might gain feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. Not to mention you’re doing your body a lot of good since exercising has a lot of benefits to offer.

3. Clean The House

A messy bedroom may not only plague your dwelling with bacteria and germs, but you might find it uncomfortable. The thought of sleeping in a dirty house might linger in your mind as you try to sleep at night. You might try to mask those thoughts by thinking about sleeping, but the idea of an unclean home may keep you from heading to dreamland.

Set a schedule to clean the house without interruptions. Work and school might keep you from removing clutter from your house. So, find the time, and perhaps cancel plans for a day, so that you can clean your home correctly.

Once you see the fruits of your labors, you might notice that you can now sleep better at night. A clean house might also help your mind de-clutter. You might even wake up with a smile on your face as soon as you see your clean bedroom in the morning.

4. Protect Your Bedroom From Junk Light

The term “Junk Light” may be any unwanted light emitted from various sources. These lights may come from your neighbor’s house, the light from the hallway, or the screens on your computer or smartphone.

Try to remove any unnecessary lights when you’re about to go to sleep. Start by turning off all devices with screens in your room. Remove these gadgets from your bedroom, if possible. Next, consider investing in blackout curtains. These pieces of cloth help block the lights coming from a nearby street lamp or your neighbor’s bright lights.

Another way to block unnecessary light is to use a sleeping eye mask. Many models of these eye coverings help obstruct light in the area from reaching your eyes. It’s also a relatively cheap way to make use of this sleep hack. 

Many people may have trouble sleeping if there’s a hint of light seeping from the cracks of lighting fixtures in the area. Remove or block any junk light in the area to have a relaxing rest at night.

5. Sleep on a Medium-Firm Mattress

You may also consider buying a new mattress to help you gain a good night’s sleep. Scientific research published in the Sleep Health journal has revealed that a self-adjusted, medium-firm mattress is ideal for maximizing spinal positioning, sleep quality, and comfort while you’re in bed. If you’re located in Melbourne or another major Australian city, you can find that type of mattress at Ecosa, a retailer offering adjustable memory foam mattresses with just the right amount of firmness.


Other techniques also exist to help you sleep at night. For example, you may try meditation or invest in a white noise machine. You may also try speaking with a licensed therapist. Research shows that online therapy can be effective in reducing insomnia. Click here for more information on how online therapy can help to improve your sleep.

A lack of sleep may lead to many health issues. Consider these sleep hacks so you can rest well and wake up ready to face the challenges ahead.