Patio: can you make it even more comfortable?

The country house provides an amazing opportunity to create a corner in nature for a pleasant pastime. The final design should only be based on your personal needs and desires. But it is useful to know what a patio is, how to design it, what materials are best to use and what style to choose, which decorative elements can be applied.

What is a patio?

A patio is a special place for feeling as comfy as possible. This zone has a huge number of implementation options. But it is always better to find the one that is more convenient for you personally, and maybe more budgetary.

The patio area can accommodate everything that the owner’s imagination and facilities are capable of, starting, for example, with a pool or a fancy pond, intricate outdoor furniture such as provided by New York Furniture Outlets, and ending with a fireplace and a hookah room.

The following main points should be planned right away:

    material to build the site from;

    furniture items and equipment;

    decorative style.

It would be good to think in advance about the style. Indeed, only in the case of stylistic integration will it be likely to build a really lovely and homey place.

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Types of patio

Every type of patio comes with its unique features, so keep on reading if you want to design a perfect place.

By function and purpose

Before designing the place, you need to clearly define for yourself what it will be intended for.

The most common project involves a barbecue area. Most frequently, size does not matter: simply add a table with chairs near the barbecue to enjoy it to the fullest. 

The site can have a nice fireplace. There is also a charm in gathering around a live-fire area. It is highly recommended to take into consideration all the subtleties of the hearth device in advance to avoid risks. This type of patio seems particularly striking.

The pool area has other functions. Here you can set a couple of sun loungers, small tables. And it will be a wonderful place for sunbathing and water treatments. If you also equip the pool with special equipment for hydromassage, you will get a wonderful spa area. Of course, green plants and flowers are appropriate here.

In addition, there is an option for arranging a dance floor for karaoke parties. You just need to put a proper covering and install the walls to preserve the karaoke equipment. Or it could be just a canopy with a niche for equipment.

By location

A backyard is perfect for a patio, as there are trees, shrubs, and flowers. Very often designers choose the style that will accommodate flower beds or rock gardens. Having an elegant pond with some koi fish or turtles (just not tortoises!) nearby seems like a great idea. A fountain will fit in perfectly.

In the absence of a backyard, you can design a comfy place anywhere. To do this, you only need to clear a small area, for example, under a tree, and choose some wicker furniture. As a result, the place for evening tea and morning coffee in the fresh air is ready.

Based on materials

The choice of materials depends on the structure:




    terrace board;



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The choice of material is directly related to which style will be chosen. The main thing is to choose the right decor. In the hands of a skilled craftsman with a rich imagination, even such a simple material can become the basis for creating a stylish and cozy corner.

In addition, you need to take into account the nuances of the seasons: whether, for example, the patio will be used in cool or cold weather. Then you should take care of the insulation of the structure.

By style and design

Thinking over the design in advance, it is advisable to subordinate it to some specific style. The simpler the style, the easier and faster it is to reproduce it when equipping a recreation area.

Rustic. For a small summer residence, this style is a win-win option. It is enough to arrange a platform with a wooden floor and a canopy, put a table, a bench, add the appropriate textiles – and a cozy corner is ready. If desired, you can install a stove.

Provence. The area with light wicker furniture, flowers in flowerpots, and hanging pots will be an ideal place for family and friendly gatherings.

Scandinavian. An open space not limited by walls, a wooden floor, and furniture, light flowing curtains, cozy sofas in blue tones – everything will set up a serene rest on a summer day or on a cool evening.

High tech. Clear and laconic forms, the presence of glass and metal surfaces will complement leather sofas and a fireplace. The gray stone will blend perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Japanese. Low tables, wicker rugs, pillows on the floor, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a nearby stream babbling – this option will set you in a meditative mood, will allow you to feel harmony with yourself and the surrounding nature.

Loft. Brickwork, a fireplace, furniture as simple as possible, a bar with high chairs, original lighting – all this will create a stylish space for parties with friends.

By size

The size choice depends only on the size of the site itself and the number of people who will use this area. If you wish, you can place everything you need in an area of ​​9×9 ft. But in order to equip the place more comfortably, with seating and decorative elements, it is good to have a 20×14 ft area.

In addition, it all depends on the configuration of the intended zone – it can be in the form of the letter G or P. If it is a round platform, then a circle with a diameter of 12 ft is needed for the harmonious arrangement of the necessary items.

In any case, there are no strict dimensions that would obey any standards. It all depends on the configuration of the site and the territory, which can be allocated for the recreation area without prejudice. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the larger the area, the more materials will be needed for its arrangement.

How to DIY?

Starting the implementation of a recreation corner in a country house or in a summer cottage, you should prepare a project where the location of the dining area, fireplace or barbecue, fountain, or pool will be indicated. You need to decide in advance where in the garden area the gazebo will be located.

After choosing a site, you need to prepare the site: remove all unnecessary plants, objects, and debris, remove the top layer of soil. After preparation, you need to lay the selected base – slabs, stone, or wooden boards. When using wooden materials, it is necessary to treat them with a special coating that protects against moisture and fungus.

Making a budget patio is easy and beautiful.

    First, you need to clear a small area, make flooring. It can even be regular gravel. It is worth setting up a few flower beds around.

    Next, you should deal with the canopy. It is usually built on four pillars. You can purchase a ready-made canopy and install it firmly in the ground. These are now sold in any garden store.

    In the center, you need to arrange light rattan furniture, place a brazier a little to the side, and mount a swing on the other side. A cozy place to relax is ready.

But if you want to build something more solid, then you will have to carefully think over every step. For example, if a fountain or a pool is planned in the recreation area, you need to make sure that the pipes are connected properly. In cases where a fireplace will be built or installed, you need to think over fire safety techniques.