New Semester, New Space: 4 Dorm Room Ideas to Welcome 2023

There’s no better time than the new year to embrace the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality. 

2020 was a trying year for many, but change doesn’t happen at the flip of a calendar page. It actually starts the moment you decide to hit the refresh button on old habits, old mindsets, and even old spaces. 

When you move back into your dorm room for the spring semester after a long break, you might find that you hate the way your space looks. Or maybe you just hate that it still contains trace amounts of 2020 energy. Either way, you can achieve better bedroom optimization with dorm room ideas for the new year without doling out an exorbitant amount of money or putting in too much effort. 

Nailing down the style you want for your dorm room can be hard to define and even trickier to execute. But when you’re armed with high-quality dorm room essentials, such as the best mattress and aesthetic dorm room decor, you’ll find that upgrading your space can be as easy as finding dorm room ideas you like and making them work for you. 

Start with these four dorm room ideas to get inspired and create a space that defines who you want to be in 2021. 

Image source: Pixabay

  1. Elevate Walls with Removable Wallpaper

One of the worst things about dorm rooms is then plastered cinder block walls. You could make every effort to cover them up, but still, they may peek through. 

One of the easier dorm room ideas that can give your room an instant upgrade is removable wallpaper. 

Not only is the peel-and-stick quality dorm room-friendly, but it’s also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a statement. If you want to retain the overall color scheme of your room, just pick a wallpaper that complements your bedding and furniture. 

  1. Invest in High-Quality Comfort 

It’s been a tough year, one riddled with pandemic-related nightmares and sleepless nights, so it only stands to reason that you would want to put your comfort first in 2021. 

If getting more sleep isn’t a part of your New Year’s resolutions, consider adding that on to the list. At some point or another, every college student ends up sacrificing sleep in favor of cram sessions in the library or a house party that goes on for way too long. 

While you can’t and shouldn’t entirely scratch either scenario off your college to-do list, you do have some control over the quality of your sleep. 

Unless you’ve hit the dorm room jackpot, the truth is most dorms don’t have the most ideal set up for good sleep. 

To get a good night’s rest, you need the most comfortable mattress possible and a sturdy bed foundation, which is hard to come by in an average dorm room. One way to ensure you’re getting quality sleep is by investing in a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress, both of which are designed to provide optimal support and comfort. 

Though swapping out the default mattress might be a considerable investment, this is one of the more expensive dorm room ideas that are actually worth it. 

Think about it: a mattress can last you anywhere between 6 to 8 years, and with a high-quality cloud mattress, you just might be able to push the envelope a bit more. 

Image source: Pixabay

  1. Add Greenery

A new year is meant to invite new energy, so why not let plants do the bidding for you? 

Adding a few plants around your room is one of the best dorm room ideas because some plants have air purifying properties that can actually help you sleep better and prevent you from falling ill too frequently. Some air-purifying plants include the snake plant, spider plant, peace lily, aloe vera, and the English ivy. 

Before you go all out on the greenery, don’t forget to check with your roommate to make sure they’re not allergic. If they are or if you just don’t have a green thumb, you can still find artificial plants that look realistic and don’t require any effort from your end. 

  1. Make Small Decorative Changes 

There’s nothing stopping you from switching out your bedding for a new one in a different color scheme, but chances are that you want to keep your redecorating efforts on a budget. 

In this case, it’s best to think small and practical when it comes to changing up your bedroom. You may not want to invest in new bedding, but you can add a few decorative pillows or get a new rug. Most of them are inexpensive and you’ll find that these are both easy dorm room ideas to achieve instant transformation. 

Another option is to upgrade your lighting. Christmas is long gone, so stringed lights might seem outdated at this point. Instead, consider buying a floor or table lamp and be on the lookout for interesting lampshades that can add some character to your room. 

Change is generally a good thing, and such is the case even for dorm rooms. From finding the best mattress to improve your sleep to making practical changes, these dorm room ideas can kickstart your year and put you in the right mindset to do your best.