Must-Ask Questions When Buying A New Home And Moving In With Toddlers

Buying a new house with toddlers is overwhelming. It requires a lot of effort and an abundance of considerations. 

Also, the children’s opinions must be part of the decision-making. You’re moving as a family. Their needs, regardless of their age, must be taken into account. 

In line with your concerns, here is a list of must-ask questions when buying a new home and moving in with toddlers. Let this be your guide in finding the best fitting house for you and your little one. 

Warming Up The New Home for the Family

Moving into a new house is quite unsettling for kids. Lessen their agony by inquiring about the following details. 

How many bedrooms are there?

In a house for sale, always check the number of bedrooms. It must fit with each family member. Also, look into the toddler’s bedroom. Some parents prefer to be on the same floor as their kids, while others don’t. Ask your child about their preference. 

During house hunting, the bedroom placement is pretty prominent. However, asking a realtor about it won’t hurt. 

Will there be a joint bedroom or bathroom?

There are some instances that a house seems perfect. But, the number of bedrooms is less than you need. If this happens, talk to your toddlers. Ask your children if they are willing to share a bedroom or bathroom. 

Suppose they answer yes, congratulations. But if not, move on to your next home choice or consider using a divider to divide rooms. If you have a condo in Alveo Makati it will be a piece of cake. Or you can check a real estate website Philippines to find more options.

How big is the family room?

A family room may or may not be a priority on your house checklist. But having one provides you ample space for family bonding. Also, it separates a formal living area. 

Typically, a family room is in the description and listing photos. Nevertheless, you can always ask a realtor about it.

How high are the stairs?

Toddlers are at the peak of their curiosity. And stairs are one of the most exciting parts of the house. 

Count how many steps are there and see how steep it is. Don’t forget to check the railings too. For your child’s safety, you may consider installing baby gates. 

Is the house layout kid-friendly?

A new home with toddlers has an adjusting family’s lifestyle. Search for a house layout suitable for your and your children’s needs. 

Look closely at the floor plan. An open floor plan gives you ample space to modify your new home. It is applicable when you want to observe your kids in the playroom while cooking. 

Is the backyard conducive for children?

Toddlers are very active. Playing and running around is one of the best activities. Provide them a conducive space. Choose a new home with a decent backyard. An outdoor area allows them to explore more. 

Find out if a home has a backyard or not. Ask for a house tour with your realtor. Take note it is spacious enough. 

Does a fence surround the property?

A house beside a busy street is prone for children to step out anytime. Also, it attracts intruders into coming within your property. 

Prevent it from happening by looking for a house with a fence. Add security to your new home, whichever location you prefer. See to it that it surrounds the whole property, including the backyard. 

Make it a habit to ask these questions. It helps you and your toddlers to settle and be comfortable in your future home.

Tour the New Neighborhood

Make sure that your new home is indeed perfect for you and your family. Check out the surrounding environment. Ask around the following questions. 

Who are your possible neighbors?

One thing you need to know is who your future neighbors are. Ensure that friendly people surround you. Or inquire about them with the realtor. 

The last thing you want is to bring your family to criminals and predators. 

Is the neighborhood family-friendly?

Aside from knowing your neighbors, find out if there are children the same age as your kids. It makes moving in with toddlers more convenient. Also, it reflects that the community is indeed a safe place to stay. 

Spend time to see if there are neighboring families and children. Look out for clues like school stickers, kids’ sports gear, or basketball court. 

Where is the nearest reputable school?

Continuing your children’s education is a must. Evaluate the nearest school in the area when buying a new home. Research about the school ratings too. 

Nevertheless, talk to your toddlers about where they prefer to study. Is it in a public school or a private school? 

What are the nearby recreational activities?

Aside from the learning journey, look for other adventures your kids will truly enjoy. Review the area for nearby recreational activities. The best amenities are playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, and museums. 

These facilities serve as an alternative to a spacious backyard. Also, it helps kids find new things with other children. 

What is the crime rate in the neighborhood?

Prioritize in assessing the neighborhood’s history of crime. It would help you sleep at night knowing that the community you’re in is secured. 

Check out the local crime reports. Also, spend time talking to your future neighbors. Ask about their crime concerns. 

Find out the answers to these questions. It guarantees accessibility and protection to your family. 

Tips When Moving In Your New Home With Your Toddlers

Buying a new home is an exciting process. Make it more exhilarating by letting your toddlers participate. 

Include the kids in planning

Before you involve the kids, narrow down your options first. Have an initial house hunting and house tour with your partner. Take note of which might be your children’s bet. Then, schedule the house revisit. Make it one to two houses at a time so you will not overwhelm them. 

Check out the size of your new home.

Regardless if you’re planning to grow your family or not, the house size matters. A bigger home provides plenty of storage. It can be for their toys, gears, or sports equipment. Also, it leaves extra room for your future little one. 

Review the overall home security

Having toddlers requires child-proofing. Take a comprehensive look inside. Find out which add-ons are a must-have. Also, review the house security. Be mindful of the locks and other hazards. 

When buying a new home, always take into account what the toddlers want and need. Remember, you’ll live there as a family. Despite their young mind, their opinion matters. Most importantly, it helps finalize your home buying decision. Also, it eases moving in with toddlers.