Lawn Waste: How to Prepare It for Pickup

Making lawn waste for collection could, at times, be very tricky. Lawn work has a lot of organic vegetation you’ll need to dispose of. Still, with the volumes that build-up, discarding of this lawn debris can be hectic, especially when your trash service provider refuses to pick up. Nevertheless, there are junk haulers who take anything off your hands. Therefore, there are a few things you need to do to speed up the hauling process. 

Make Inquiries

Speak to the trash service providers in your area for guidelines on their lawn waste pick up. The reason being, some garden waste removal services provide yard waste collection while others don’t. However, if they don’t offer these services, look for other alternatives. There are other private junk hauling companies that specialize in this type of service. Liaise with them and agree on a schedule for the collection of your unwanted debris.

Purchase the Right Bags

Ensure that you are ready with plastic bags and containers that you will use to package your yard garbage. Plastic bags are the most convenient to use because they do not decompose quickly, and they also minimize waste. Certainly, they are readily available at your local garden center and hardware stores. They make the work easier for you and the collectors as well. 

Separate the Tree Limbs and Branches

 Separate the tree limbs from the branches. Long branches and sticks are not ready for hauling since they cannot fit in the collection containers. On the other hand, you need to tie them with twine and put them into piles. Ensure they are not more than five feet long and four inches wide. Also, leave a gap between the piles of about two feet. Having the branches bound together makes it easy to carry them to the curb area. 

Lawn Waste

Grass Clippings

Use the rake to gather grass clippings, small twigs, leaves, and weeds in piles and pack them into lawn waste bags or open containers. These bags are available at your local home improvement or hardware stores. However, ensure that these are not tied and do not weigh more than 75 pounds each. Besides, do not put any other trash in the same container or bag.

Do I Have To Pack Everything For Collection?

Not necessarily, everything needs to be picked up. Some materials can decompose, and therefore, backyard composting could be an easy way of turning much of the lawn waste into rich organic manure. You can use them to increase the quality of your soil by adding valuable nutrients. For instance, you can leave grass clippings and kitchen waste on your lawn. On the other hand, grass clipping is used for mulching. 

Leave Your Lawn Waste for Collectors

When you’re finished gathering and wrapping up everything, put them in one pile at the curb with your trash bags for your scheduled garden waste removal pickup. Additionally, be careful to block the sidewalk and avoid placing the waste at a point with obstacles like electricity posts or stationary objects. Nonetheless, have your yard waste at the collection point in time to avoid lateness.