How To Choose A Sprinkler For Your Lawn

Caring for your lawn is easy when you have the right tools and equipment. As with anything, you need to have a little knowledge in order to do the job right. One of the things you should get when taking care of your lawn is a sprinkler. There are several different types of sprinklers and each one will do a different job for you.

First of all, when you want to lush, green lawn, you need to think about the different types of sprinklers that you can choose from. You can have a sophisticated lawn system installed underground that will water however much you want and whenever you want.

You can also choose smaller sprinklers of all sizes and shapes, and can be moved around your yard. If you have small spaces to water, you can even choose a soaker hose that works much like a sprinkler.

Choosing the right sprinkler and using it correctly will keep your lawn well watered. It will also make a big difference in your grass and garden.


Sprinkler System For A Large Yard

If you have a large yard that is covered in grass, then you most certainly will want to look at a built in sprinkler system. These are systems that connect with one another and are buried in the ground. These come with handy controllers that are installed in your home or garage.

When you want to water, you simply set it and it goes. You can set the amount of water it puts out as well as the time and length of the watering session. These can be great cost saving devices when you have a lot of grass to water.

Sprinklers For A Small Yard

Now think about small sprinklers that you can move around your lawn. These are great for all sorts of uses. If you have a small yard or have a very limited budget and can’t afford a sprinkler system built in, then these are good choices. These also work well for hard to reach areas of your yard or your garden as well.

You will have to remember to set these up in the right places and move them when needed. Also, make sure you look at your choices. A home and garden store will carry many styles and brands and some will be made cheaper than others.

The different types of sprinklers for a small yard include:

  • Oscillating: Sprays water using many jets and rotating from side-to-side.
  • Impulse: Concentrate a single jet in one area.
  • Rotary: Spinning unit with two to three arms.
  • Stationery: Sits low to the ground and waters a small area.
  • Traveling: Water large and irregular patterns and follow the garden hose.

The Benefits Of A Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses also work very well for some types of watering. If you have new sod, or want to water a small tree or other landscaping, then look at these handy lawn tools. Soaker hoses put out a steady stream of water, giving it a gentle watering instead of a flood. These also work quite well for new gardens that need a tender touch.

Sprinklers are very important when you want the greenest lawn on the block. Look at your choices and find the one that will work best for your needs.

Choosing a Sprinkler for Your Lawn