Landscaping Your Yard on a Budget

Keeping the yard groomed and green tends to be costly. Just like with most home improvement projects, some planning can contribute towards significant savings while still maintaining the quality and beauty of the yard.

When thinking about a money-saving plan, you should start by identifying the goals and purpose of the yard. For instance, think about how you will be using your lawn, whether you want it to be a green, safe place for pets and kids to play around or whether you are just aiming to win some awards.

Other considerations you can think about are whether you want your yard to be the best in the neighborhood or simply exemplifying a botanical landscape look. The decision you will make will determine your path towards the amount of money you will spend on your yard.

Keeping the yard groomed and green tends to be costly. Just like with most home improvement projects, some planning can contribute towards significant savings while still maintaining the quality and beauty of the yard.

No matter the path you will choose, there are several money-saving techniques you can utilize when landscaping your yard. They include:

Recycling Scrap into Compost

One of the best money-saving tips for landscaping is using compost. Compost is beneficial and economical due to these key reasons:

  • Compost has multiple uses
  • Compost is available freely
  • Compost relies on using organic materials. Such materials are normally thrown away.

Compost is a great material for using in any lawn or garden. You can simply take apple cores, banana peels and any other food remains or scraps and put the materials in a reliable composting system. Once done, you just need to add some water, and then wait for the results. You will get what many professional landscapers refer to as black gold as a result of its multiple uses.

Compost can be used to improve the quality of soil rather than using packaged top soils from local garden shops. You will only need to put a little layer of compost on your garden as mulch rather than buying pine mulch in bags.

Another great option for using compost is sprinkling it over the lawn and allowing it to soak and decompose with time. Your yard will look healthier with time and you will have saved a lot of money on landscaping.

Use Quality Fertilizer

In case your yard has been invaded by weeds, you might give up eliminating them at some point. If this is the case, you might think about hiring a company to spray your yard to fight off weeds. Most companies quote around $40 to spray weed killers and fertilizer on the side and front yards.

Such a deal may seem good at first but it will cost more when you include the backyard. Luckily, you will be surprised to realize that you can buy fertilizer from a local store for as low as $25 and it will be enough to cover the front, side, and backyard. Hence, it will be cheaper to invest in fertilizer rather than hiring a company to do the work.

If you are wondering why your neighbor’s yard is healthy, green and immaculate, you can ask them how they are getting it right. Maybe they are using fertilizers that most big box stores don’t have but can be found in local garden centers. You can try such a fertilizer and spray your entire yard instead of going out to hire a spray company.

Fertilizers from local stores may be a bit more expensive when compared to products in big box stores, but they offer a more dramatic effect. Also, consider having an effective fertilizing schedule to ensure your yard can fight off all kinds of weeds all year round. By doing so, your yard will develop a deep green color. Moreover, all weed issues will reduce dramatically. Although not all costly options work, a good fertilizer will be worth trying.

Go for Native Plants

Gardening is made more challenging when landscaping with foreign plants. If you’re not sure about foreign and native plants in your region, ask from local gardening stores for guidance. It will help to know which plants and flowers are native to guide your choice of plants.

Green thumb neighbors can also help with advice on native plans. You will also support your local community by shopping from small local stores. This will be better than spending your money on faceless mega stores in other states.

Or if you live in California, Nevada and other ‘abnormally dry’ areas, you can consider these drought-tolerant plants for a fresh, modern lawn

Try Repairing the Fence instead of Replacing

If your fence has started showing signs of warping especially at the lower part, it will not be the kind of fence that will keep things out or within your yard. In some cases, not all boards might be warping.

Rather than replacing the entire fence, be smart and use a drill and screws to push any bent boards and timber back in place. It will be cheaper to try whether repairing will work. If this fails to work, you can go ahead and replace the damaged boards.

You can also try the same with fencing whose paint has faded. If the fence is not damaged badly, avoid tearing it down to start over again. Putting up a new fence will be very expensive. Simply get some good paint and paint brushes and get down to work. New paint will make an older fence look brand new and add protection. Moreover, it will be cheaper to paint the wood instead of replacing with new wood.

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