Keeping it Green and Clean: Easy Green Renovations for House Flippers

In the wake of the pandemic, the economic landscape has changed enough for people to be able to reconsider what they want to do with their lives, to change career paths without undue consequence. As such, many people are choosing to pursue the career paths of their dreams, leaving low-paying, high-stress, and no-benefit jobs for career paths that are more solid and likely to appreciate in value as the years go on. Some are choosing to leave the fryers behind and pursue programming; others are choosing to leave the discounted clothes off rack and pursue their real estate license.


For the latter, it’s not hard to understand why people might want to jump aboard the real estate train. Although the market has a well-earned reputation for fluctuating with frightening frequency, the potential to generate a steady stream of passive income off one-time investments is almost impossible to resist. This is especially true in the aftermath of the pandemic, as the real estate market has boomed as people have responded to the ever-changing economic and social climate by moving to more or less populated areas, depending on the stage of the pandemic we were in. 

For these people, as well as real estate agents looking for a kernel of stability in this time of turmoil, renting properties can be an effective solution to their ever-changing needs; limited time leases allow people to move after a certain amount of time has passed, as well as allowing the property’s owner to collect a steady paycheck. 

With so many people looking to make their way in the real estate market, you might be wondering what will make people more likely to want to rent your properties, how you can get an edge up on your competition. Well, it turns out that consumers are looking for sustainable housing options, environmentally-sound dwellings that will conserve resources and save them money on their monthly utility bills. Whether you’re looking to rent your properties out long-term or list them as vacation rentals, you might want to consider installing some of the below green technologies and boosting the value of (and the number of eyes on) your property. 

Let’s get into it.

Smart Appliances

In addition to conveying a certain image of luxury (as many consumers tend to think of these appliances as higher end, even if you manage to purchase them used), energy-star certified appliances are one of the higher sought out “green amenities” in all sorts of properties for a reason: they don’t just conserve resources, but save their owners money on bills later on. Purchasing energy-efficient appliances can be seen as an investment that will save the occupant of the house hundreds of dollars in utility fees over the years, as well as giving them the confidence that their actions are not negatively impacting the environment. The latter is becoming more and more important nowadays, as consumers are becoming more and more conscious of how the products they use impact the world around them and are actively trying to decrease their carbon footprints. Choosing to install smart appliances can therefore be one of the fastest ways to get eyeballs on your property. 

Upgrade/Reevaluate the Home’s Insulation

One of the largest causes of energy loss in most homes is either windows that aren’t sealed properly or insulation that has worn thin over the years, letting more energy out and not keeping the cold out in the winter months. As such, you might want to take time to evaluate the status of these two things in your home, keeping an eye out for any ways the home may be losing energy. While less flashy than installing brand-new, stainless-steel appliances, these subtle quality-of-life improvements can have a massive impact on your tenant’s energy bills. 

Re-Use and Refurbish What You Can

Sometimes, the best way to keep your home renovations green while making everything in the home appear brand new is to paint a new coat over existing cabinets and shelves. Using the furniture that comes with the property you’re renovating will limit your waste and decrease the amount of money that you spend on the property, fattening up your bottom line as well as causing less damage to the planet. Use paints that are eco-friendly, and you can make old appliances appear beautiful and brand new. 

Going green isn’t necessarily easy, but you’ll find that it saves both you and your tenant a bucket load of money if done correctly. So take note of the things you can do to renovate your property in an eco-friendly, budget-friendly mode, as well as anything you can advertise as a “green amenity;” you might find more eyes get on your property faster.