How To Test A Lawn Mower Coil

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to test the ignition coil. This article is intended for the do-it-yourselfer, it’s not necessarily the way it’s done in the shop.

How To Test A Lawn Mower Coil

Step 1: Pulling out

The first thing is to pull out the fart fun. Go ahead and pull the airfield craw. Here’s our ignition coil right there and our key wire, the magnet should be about 13,000 clearance between there. If you don’t have anything else, a business card will work.

Step 2: Unhooking

You will go ahead and unhook the key water just. This can wire the only job it does it’s the kill the engine. When this wire goes to ground, the engine will die. So if I underhook at this, we’re isolating and these are cold right now. It shouldn’t fire very easy right now.

Step 3: Detecting the gap

This is how we test it in the shop, this fire case it has to be grounded. This has got almost a quarter inch gap in. This coil needs to be able to jump that gap because it takes a lot more voltage to fire this club when the engine is running. So you’ve got to jump that gap there, it’s going to be easy to.

Step 4: Testing

Take an old piece of rope and pin them, and wrap around it. So we can spin it  over to check our fire. We got a real good spark at this  point, our coil will be good. This is what we use in the shop, if you don’t have one of these at home, you can take an old spark plug.

I’ve taken an old spark plug that I know is good and I’ve cut the ground off away from the electrode. If you don’t have a spark tester at home, you can make you one up an old plug. Just make sure it’s a good plug so we’re going to take our home and spark tester on here. Make sure this is ground it right there and it should jump back.

This is everything how do you call it off I’m gonna sue in here so you can see it. I’m going ahead and speeding engine over there. Looks like we’ve got a real good spark there. At this point, our ignition coil is good. It’s passing the test so at this  point you want to go ahead and put your peel water back up. Make sure you’re setting down position and then try it again. It should still give a real good spark. At this point, our nation coil is good and our switch and our wiring is good.