How To Stop Weeds Growing Through Gravel

A lot of people tend to complain about having a ton of weeds sprouting out of their gravel, may it be on their driveway or sidewalk. Not only is it irritating, but it also ruins the look of your home, also risking your garden being filled with these weeds! So how to stop weeds growing through gravel?

Read on as I show you the top ways and tips you can follow to successfully remove the persistent gravel weed!

How to Stop Weeds Growing Through Gravel

how to get rid of weeds growing through gravel

Unfortunately, weeds grow anytime and everywhere, and your gravel is no exception. To prevent and get rid of these irritating weed plants, here are the effective tips to follow:

Weed The Area Yourself

While this is quite time-consuming it’s the simplest way to kill off weed, and something to do if you consider placing the garden fabric on top of the gravel. When pulling out the weeds yourself, make sure that you check everything thoroughly, pulling out ALL weeds and signs of plant life. You might have to remove some gravel with a shovel to do this.

Turn the soil and look for more weeds to pull, then rake the affected area, place protective mulch, and place more gravel to cover the layer.

Using Garden Fabric

This is a huge step further than what most people will do, but it’s quite effective in keeping weed away and having your graveled area look nice. Do take note that it will take some time and effort doing this, but the results are efficient.

Just make sure that you purchase high-quality garden fabric and follow the instructions well. Use a good method to stick down the fabric before putting gravel on top, and that’s it!

Use Salt For Weed Control

Salt is actually an effective way to kill weed, besides it being cheap and easy! However, take note that you need a LOT of salt for this to work, as well as water, a spray bottle, and dish soap.

Dilute one kilogram of salt for every two liters of water, then add some dish soap. Mix well and place the mixture in a sprayer, covering up the entire graveled area. The more salt you use, the more effective it kills!

Apply A Natural Weed Killer

If you don’t want to use harmful chemicals, then you can create your own weed killer with a mix of non-degreasing dishwashing soap and household vinegar. Use one teaspoon of soap to every quart of the vinegar and place it in a spray bottle, mixing it well but not too vigorously.

Spray all surfaces of the weed generously, all over the weeds. Make sure that you apply the solution during sunny days without any rain for it to work. Repeat after a day until all the weeds are gone.

Get a Weed Killer

If ever nothing works, then it’s highly recommended that you invest in a weed killer. This is best if the weeds are spread in a large area where it’s difficult to use salt or spray all over.

I recommend you use weed killers with glyphosate, which kills weeds and prevents them from growing after a few months. Just make sure that you use quality weed killers and that you use protective clothing while applying it to prevent injuries.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this article showed you how to stop weeds growing through gravel the right way. So what are you waiting for? If you see gravel weed plants around, use these tips to kill them now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences in killing gravel weed, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.