How To Stop Skunks From Digging Up Lawn

I am here today to show you how to repel a skunk. In my lawn, I noticed not too long ago that I had all of these patches and spots in my grass and I didn’t know what was causing all of these.

So one night I looked out from my window and actually saw a skunk that was sort of poking its nose into the ground, making a lot of little holes. And if you go closer there are lots of smaller tiny holes in the ground. So if you’re in the same problem as I was, there’s a tip to stop that tiny naugthy skunk from destroy your yard.

How To Stop Skunks Form Digging Up Lawn

So what I did that worked wonders was that I actually got orange peels and just sprinkled them all around that area. And the skunk did not come back.

So I picked up the orange peels because I needed to mow the lawn and then the next day, because there weren’t any orange peels, I noticed a skunk digging up the spot in the left corner of the lawn. Therefore the orange peels clearly worked.


And this is all that I do: I literally just take some orange peels I just got. I think they’re actually mandarin peels, but you can use oranges nectarines, lemons lines pretty much, anything citrusy and just throw them around the area that you see the skunk usually hanging out.

In literally, just toss them around the area and as soon as I did this, I didn’t see the skunk anymore. They were headed been about a week and a half that the orange peels were on the ground. Then as soon as I picked them up the next day, I saw the skunk digging up holes right in the next morning.

From what I see, skunks feed nocturnally so they’re gonna be out at night. That’s why I’m usually doing this just right before it’s late in the evening. And hopefully the stunt will not come back tonight or early tomorrow morning because every single time that I’ve seen the skunk it has been out early in the morning or late at night.

So literally, just sprinkle some orange peels, or lemon peels, or lime in the area because what’s gonna happen is that the skunk will come to the area, little sort of start poking their nose around and then they’ll get the citrusy effect of the orange peels. So they’re gonna go away, they really do not like it.


This is what I use to repel skunks and it worked really well and I hope that it works for you too. Just peel some oranges, some lemons, limes nectarines, mandarins…. whatever the case. Peel anything that has a sort of a citrus peel and sprinkled appeals around the area that you commonly see the skunk. If you want to know you have a skunk there but you haven’t seen where it hangs out, just look for these little holes you can sort of see. Hopefully all of these are just little holes.

These tips are literally so simple and if you’re already eating oranges anyways or if you’re already using a lemon for cooking anyways just save the peel and just pull the peel in the area. It should work for you too.

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