How to Search for Online Furniture Correctly

Online furniture shopping can be a great way to find all kinds of furniture options that you may never have seen before. However, it also requires some careful searching, which can be difficult for people who aren’t exactly sure how to search effectively.



Whether you are brand new to online furniture shopping or just feel like you are missing something with your searchers, there are thankfully a few ways to speed things up. The important part is understanding how to find what you want and avoid the things that you don’t.

Use The Right Terms

It is important to have a good idea about the different terms that are associated with the furniture that you want. These can include styles, materials, and other items or features that may be relevant to your search. Sometimes it’s useful to go into more granular detail or use a specific term that might exclude options that you don’t want.

For example, let’s say you are looking for a wooden dresser for your bedroom. While “wood dresser” will bring up a lot of options, simplifying your search to something like “white painted mahogany bedroom dresser” will give you more specific options, allowing you to get closer to whatever you actually want from your furniture search.

This does not just have to apply to the furniture’s aesthetics, either. Including measurements, room types, additional features (like being waterproof or fire-resistant), and almost anything else that can change the list of search results that you get.

While you are still going to get results that won’t fit your needs, it becomes much easier to find furniture that suits your preferences by using specific searches like this. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to stumble into something that suits your requirements properly.

Use A Specific Type Of Furniture

Another helpful tip is to be more specific with furniture names if you can. You will often find that generic furniture names bring back a lot of mixed results, many of which can be completely different but still fall under the same basic categories and overall names.

Couches can be a good example. There can be at least twenty different individual furniture options that fall under the word “couch,” from ottomans and armchairs to loveseats and L-shaped seats. Looking up “couch” might bring you any one of these options or even some that you were not expecting to see at all.

By using a more specific term that points towards a particular kind of seat, you can guarantee that the majority of your search results will be furniture that you have an actual interest in. The more you can direct your searches toward the furniture that you want, the easier it becomes to find something that fits.

Use Interior Design Common Sense

Sometimes, you just need to remember the basics of the furniture that you are looking for and the kind of niches that said furniture can fulfill. Common sense can help a lot when you are trying to look around for furniture that will fit your home.

For example, if you are searching for a small desk that is meant to sit comfortably in a more compact home office space, include that in your search. You likely already have the measurements available, so don’t hesitate to look for desks that fall within your measurement range rather than simply looking up “small desks.”

Similarly, furniture that is meant to be used in larger rooms may not be suitable for a space that is too small. For example, a dining room table can be too big for a small space because it is going to take up a lot of room. Instead, opt for furniture options that are supposed to be used in the space you are trying to decorate or the focus of your home improvement project.

This also applies to interior design in terms of aesthetics. Using a term like “rustic” or “gothic” can be a quick way to find furniture that falls into a specific style and aesthetic, even if that is not the exact aesthetic that you are trying to go for with your own interior design project. Using terms like this can be a great shortcut or even provide an easy first taste of a particular style that you might end up liking.

Know Your Measurements

Knowing the measurements of your chosen space can be the easiest way to help find furniture that is going to fit properly. You might be surprised by how many people completely forget to take measurements or record them properly for future reference. Even in large rooms, measurements can be vital for understanding how much space a particular furniture piece will take up.

While you can’t always search by measurements directly, it can still be a good way of knowing when to narrow down your furniture options. There is no point in considering something that is too big for the room you wanted to put it in, and that means that you can move on to something else almost immediately.

Having the measurements in mind can also help a lot when looking at furniture that has multiple sizing options, extensions, or even just alternative furniture pieces from the same brand. This can help you choose the one that fits best.

Keep Your Search Simple

If you are at a loss for what to look for, then it can help to avoid complicated searches. Sometimes being straightforward and using the simplest option can actually make a big difference.

There are a few ways of doing this. One of the best is to choose an online seller that you like and look through their site’s search options, rather than using a search engine for the entire internet. For example, with sites like HomesDirect365, you can visit this page to get a pre-done category of furniture to look through.

The other is to simplify your search queries until you can pick up on a more specific idea. There is nothing wrong with using a term like “dark wood cabinet” to get a general idea of what is out there, then simplifying your search based on the options that catch your eye.