4 Ways on How to Kill Monkey Grass Effectively

I’m sure many of you have heard about that pesky monkey grass and are currently finding ways to kill it! After all, not many people like the look of it, especially when they want plain and beautiful greenery. But how can you kill it safely and without any issues with your lawn?

Read on as I show you the ways on how to kill monkey grass effectively!

How To Kill Monkey Grass Effectively

Monkey grass is sometimes used as borders for the garden or as covers for the ground. However, many people see it as a weed as they have their similarities. Fortunately, killing monkey grass isn’t as tough as it sounds. Here are the following steps and tips to follow:

Digging The Monkey Grass Up

Digging is the easiest way you can get rid of monkey grass, though it’s also the most time-consuming!

Follow these steps:

  • Mow the grass so it’s an inch within the soil to damage the plant crowns.
  • Dig the grass, removing as many plant roots as you can. Make sure to remove and dispose of ALL monkey grass to prevent new growth.
  • Observe the affected area for the next two weeks and see if there is any growth. If so, then dig up these roots again and spray it with white vinegar, ensuring that you don’t spray other plants nearby. The white vinegar can kill plants.

monkey grass

Containing The Grass

Contain and control the monkey grass by setting up a barrier of edging. This minimizes the spread of monkey grass, best done during summer or when planting new seeds. Make sure that the barrier is at least 12 to 18 inches down for the successful results.

I also recommend that you combine the barrier with digging, which helps you really get rid of all the monkey grass. Opt to cover the affected area using landscape or plastic fabric, which suffocates remaining roots or rhizomes underground.

Using Chemicals To Kill The Grass

If you want to kill the monkey grass as quickly and easily as possible, then using herbicides which contain glyphosate is effective. This type of herbicide can really kill off weeds and the like because of its strong chemicals.

Here are some tips to follow when applying the herbicide:

  • Don’t spray the monkey grass fully grown, but to cut and apply the herbicide. This will take around two to three applications before it starts to die out
  • Do spray when the plants are growing active and to do is using a sunny day without any strong winds when rain isn’t predicted in the next day.
  • Do not use this method if there are edible plants next to the monkey grass.

Call For Professional Help

If push comes to shove and none of these methods work, then it’s best to call for a professional who will get rid of the grass for you. Not only do they do all the work, but they’ll ensure that the monkey grass is fully killed and removed quickly so you won’t have any worry or exhaustion doing it yourself.

Furthermore, they will provide additional advice necessary after removing the monkey grass. This maintains the grass health without any weeds and other jumpers. But take note, they can be quite pricey, so make sure to compare quotations and the professional’s reputation.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this article on how to kill monkey grass helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and start following these tips now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when killing monkey grass, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.