How To Grow Grass With Dogs

On today’s segment, we’re gonna be showing you how to get rid of that little brown spot on the law and that was probably left there by man’s best friend – the dog. You take urine and you mix that with your grass and unfortunately you’re gonna get a brown spot already. Now there’s a lot of complicated things you can do and then stuck in the acid balance of this. Learn about yard dogs lawn care.

But the simplest away here’s yourself a little tilling tool like this, and we’re gonna go ahead and fill this up a little bit. Go in scrap sit area, try get rid of as much of the brown spot area as you can. Where we have st. Augustine here so it’s not going to be that big of a deal as far as having a foot force-feeding soil or a patching seed or something like that.

But what we do want to do is once we get that area dug up, we’re gonna do something really simple. We’re gonna take our watering can. I’m gonna take some plain old this soap alright and tablespoon.

watering lawn

Put about one tablespoon per gallon already. We’re gonna open this up a little tighter so let’s pour that puppy in there. So it’ll be if you have to fill out watering can, put a two gallon one in. Soap is biodegradable, of course, not going to harm the grass as long as you know. Pour straight soap on it and it’s going to help dissolve and diminish the amount of urea that’s in there.

My urea is actually a fertilizer so what is happening is you get too much urea in the soil. I eat too much fertilizer it burns the grass. Now hopefully, if you have a fescue or Bonita or something of that nature, it didn’t burn the root system. So you still want to dig that up but will want to go ahead and wash that stuff out of the soil itself. So we’re just gonna go and pour that on there and pour another nice and  liberally as much as you.

Do this a couple of times to get it off. You can mix it up a little bit by poking  some hole than if you want to. Enter it in the soil a little bit to get that stuff to go ahead, go right down there and what st. Augustine you don’t have to do much of anything other than just watering it with the fescue. then you can go ahead and put a little seed patch on that, then just water it.

Here is a video about How To Fix Lawn Damage from Dogs:

grow grass with dogs